The cultivation of San Weikui

Scattered-tailed flowers are warm and moist. In the growing season, we must keep the basin soil wet and the air humidity around the plants. Wet-tailed sunflowers are cold and cold hardy. In the northern regions, outdoor culture usually enters rooms from late September to early October. Must be placed in a sunny place, at room temperature during the winter season 23 °C to 25 °C, maintain 15 °C at night, at least need to maintain more than 8 °C, otherwise it will be frost damage, resulting in winter and spring deaths; also pay attention during the wintering period often scrub leaves or Spray a small amount of water on the leaves to keep the leaves clean. Scattered-tailed flowers are usually cultivated in scattered light areas in halls, corridors or in more spacious rooms. They can grow robustly and can be kept in dark rooms for about five months, but they must be in due course. Move to a bright place for rotation for about a month. In spring, summer and autumn, about 50% of the sun should be covered, and it should not be exposed to direct sunlight in the open air. Sophora japonica should be used loosely, humus-rich soil, potted plants can be added 1/5 sand or vermiculite, as well as a small amount of basal fertilization of the cultivation of soil, avoid using sand or other poorly-permeable soil. The sophora officinalis is hi-fertilizer. During the period from May to October when it grows vigorously, thin fertilizer is applied once every half-month. The large-sized plant Dendrobium spp. grown in big pots requires more fertilizer and can be mixed with peanut bran in the base fertilizer. 150 grams, and chase hot and decayed human and animal urine and animal bone fragments, in order to ensure that the plants are robust, balanced growth. China Agricultural Network Editor

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