Coconut Seedling Technology

The budding of coconut should pay attention to the different germination time of different varieties and different types to get the best germination rate. After years of experimental research, the Wenchang Coconut Research Institute has initially explored the germination characteristics of different coconut varieties. High-yielding coconuts in Hainan began to germinate about 30 days after sowing and the germination rate reached the peak at 90 days. After 150 days, the germinating seeds should be eliminated. Mahuang dwarf and dwarf coconuts began to germinate 30 days after sowing, and reached the peak of germination about 80 days later. , 110 days germination rate began to decline, 150 non-germinating fruit should be eliminated; Mawow hybrid coconut seeding about 90 days to start germination, 180 'day germination rate reached a peak, 240 'day after the fruit germination was not eliminated. Different coconut varieties have different germination times. This is a manifestation of the intrinsic characteristics of a certain species and can be inherited to future generations. For example, Mawow hybrids, whose male parent is a high species of West Africa, are late for germination, so the hybrid species Maw The germination time is too late and the duration is long. The germination by natural germination method cannot be used. After the fruit is harvested, the germination, watering and management should be immediately sowed in the germination nursery to achieve satisfactory results. c. Baking Bud Management The horticultural nursery should be managed by special personnel. To achieve timely watering, timely earth-cultivation, avoiding excessive exposure of seeds, loss of water due to sun exposure, and loss of germination ability. We must diligently scab grass, keep clean, and prevent rodent pests, diseases, pests, and livestock. 2 natural germination method This method is mostly the traditional germination method used by farmers in the past, can only be used for high-grade coconut, not suitable for dwarf varieties of coconut and hybrid coconut or smaller fruit, coconut, and late germination of coconut varieties. A. Suspending Seed Germination The fruit is hung in the air and allowed to germinate. The buds are grown and the seedlings are removed. The non-germinating seeds are sold to the factory for processing various products. B. The perforation method of stacking and germination uses bamboo or iron wire to string the fruit/0* into a string, and then stack the string into a column, height) - # 0 +- 'm, in the shade or empty On the ground, let it germinate naturally, and after most of the fruits are germinated, take out the fruit sprouts and sell them. C. Natural stacking method The germinating seeds are randomly piled into piles and allowed to germinate naturally. The buds are long. '0 +' cm. The method of germination is not neat, more deformed seedlings. The natural germination method, although it does not build a priming nursery, saves provinces and labors, has lower management costs, but due to improper planting, low germination rate, malformed and inferior seedlings, long duration, poor seedling quality, and vulnerability Rat damage should not be used. (4) Seedlings of 1 seedlings of standard seedlings for germination and shoots up to # 1 + 'cm, should be transplanted to nursery in time. At this point, boat-shaped leaves have been grown. The seedlings can be identified in terms of appearance and appearance. The seedlings have just started rooting. When the seedlings are transplanted, the roots are less, and the seedling raising and seedling raising operations are relatively easy. Because the seed germination is not neat, and the duration is longer, the germination time of the variety varies. Therefore, when transplanting seedlings, they should be staged in accordance with their laws, and seedlings and seedlings should be transferred in batches. The seed germination rate of the two seedlings (buds) was generally 70%-80%, and some of them were mixed with inferior seedlings. Therefore, every time the seedlings are transplanted, they must strictly select good seedlings and eliminate bad seedlings. Generally, late-stage germinating seedlings are inferior seedlings, which are often low-yielding types. When the number of transfer seedlings is selected to be 70%-80% of the seed number, the seedling transfer can be stopped. The remaining seedlings and fruit are eliminated. Excellent selection criteria for seedlings: robust, straight, single buds, early germination, early emergence of leaves, thick stems, vigorous growth. The inferior seedlings that should be eliminated are thin and thin seedlings, malformed seedlings, albino seedlings, rat tailed shoots, short leaves and narrow leaf seedlings. 3 nursery methods Coconut seedlings are generally divided into ground nursery and bag nursery two. China Agricultural Network Editor

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