How to produce pollution-free walnuts

Walnut trees are required to be planted on sunny slopes on the sunny side of leeward, and some walnut trees are planted in the ground. The slope is 15 to 20 degrees, and no more than 30 degrees. When planting, it is necessary to build terraces or to make a good preparation. The pollution-free walnuts require complete ripening, photonuclei, full grain, no insects, no impurities, and no mildew. 1. Dormancy management? November to next April? 1 Planting. After defoliation, it was planted before or after thawing and before germination. The length, width and depth of the colonization craters were all 1 meter, and the row spacing was 7 meters and 9 meters. Each culm was planted with 50 kg of farmyard manure. 2 white. Remove pests, dead branches, fallen leaves, trunk white. 3 Shuxiong. Manual sparseness, early sparsely appropriate, sparsely 1/3 to 1/2 of the total male flower buds. 2. Growing season management? 4 to July? 1 top dressing. In the middle of May before flowering, 40 to 50 kilograms of excrement and urine were recovered from each cultivating person. The ring fertilization method or radial fertilization method was used to dig trenches 30 cm deep. 2 pest control. Adhere to the prevention and treatment of biological control, chemical control as a supplement and prohibit the use of banned pesticides. The occurrence of pests and diseases in walnuts is lighter, and the main pest is walnut limb moths. Prevention and control measures: In mid-May, the tree tray was deeply turned to kill the overwintering pests; in early June, 50% phoxim 3000 was sprayed evenly under the canopy to kill the adult eclosion; in mid-June, the spawning conditions were carefully observed. When the fruit rate reaches 2% to 4%, the 2.5% deltamethrin EC 4000 times solution is used for foliar spraying. 3. Harvesting period management? 8 to October? 1 Harvesting. Harvest time is mid-to-late September. After the white dew, harvested with a long wooden pole. Pick out peeled light walnuts, peeled walnuts can be peeled after 3 to 4 days after stacking. 2 drying package. The harvested walnuts must not be bleached with bleach, washed with water and sun dried, and picked up for undercooked, worm-eaten, moldy, and cracked fruit. The rest is packed in standard double-strand sacks. 3 shaping pruning. After the fruit is harvested until the leaves have just turned yellow, so as not to cause injury. Generally use sparse type and naturally happy two tree types. The sparse layer type has trunks, divided into two layers, with 6 to 7 main branches, with good ventilation and light transmission, and a large load. There is no obvious central main branch in the natural happy type, the formation is quick, the result is early, and the backbone sticks are arranged flexibly and easy to grasp. During pruning, the skeleton should be firm, the growth should be balanced, the crown of the tree should be crowned, and the proportion of all kinds of branches should be properly cut. As a result, the branches and branches should be equipped properly so that the outer periphery is not squeezed and the inner canopy is not empty, so that the tree has both a certain economic output and can be maintained. Robust growth. 4. Fertilization. High-quality farmyard manures that have been fermented for 7 to 10 days at 55°C should be used at a rate of 2000 kg per mu. 5. Pest Control. Before the soil was frozen, the soil under the canopy was deeply turned to destroy the pests in the overwintering place and the overwintering larvae of the walnut extremities were eliminated. China Agricultural Network Editor

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