Chickens should pay attention to daily observation

1. Pay attention to the observation of the chicken cocks and meat hanging color The chicken cock meat plump color is an important indicator of healthy egg production. 1 bright red: is the normal color of healthy chicken. 2 White: This indicates that the body has been consumed excessively, and it is usually a chicken with a lack of nutrition. 3 Yellow: It is a performance disorder or a parasite. 4Purple: Usually sick chickens with chickenpox or fowl cholera. 5 Black: Generally caused by Marek's disease, chicken pox or frostbite. 2. Observe the condition of the feathers. The chickens lost their hair all over the house, but no feathers were found in the house, indicating that they were eaten by other chickens. This was due to the lack of sulfur in the chicken body. Sulfur supplementation measures should be taken. The feathers of the chicken are bright at the end of moulting, before opening and at the beginning of production. If this period is due not only to lack of cholesterol, it is necessary to feed some cholesterol-rich feeds. Late-stage, high-yielding chickens that do not have brightly lit feathers, are dull, or do not have hair on the back. 3. Observe the appetite and strong appetite, indicating that the chicken has normal physiological conditions and is healthy and disease-free. Reduced food is generally caused by sudden changes in the feed, the breeder, and frightened chickens. Not eating shows that the chicken is seriously ill. Different foods indicate that the nutrition of the feed is incomplete, especially the lack of trace elements in the minerals. Picky eaters are due to improper feed mix and poor palatability. 4. Observe that the mental health of the flock shows that the flock is lively and responsive. Some chickens are mentally depressed, stand out from the sun, feathers, drooping wings, breathing, and sound are signs of disease or early onset. Part of the chicken's spirit is faltering, indicating that a serious epidemic has occurred and should be treated as soon as possible. 5. Pay attention to observing the anus filthy condition. During the egg laying period, people around the anus have signs of fecal contamination. During the period of discontinued production, the anus of the laying hen is not cleaned and the abdomen plump and smooth. If yellow, green feces or mucus adheres to the anal week and other abnormalities are present, the chicken is suffering from a disease. 6. Pay attention to observe the color, shape and smell of the feces. The gray dry feces are only excrement. Usually the gray feces is covered with a bit of white feces. The quantity of the feces can be used to measure the level of protein in the feed and the absorption level. The brown thick feces also belong to the permanent feces. The odor smell of the brown feces is due to the residence time of the chicken feces in the cecum more than K. Red, reddish-brown fecal matter indicates that there is blood in the intestine, which may be caused by a disease or coccidiosis in the cervix, mucinous ovariitis, and peritonitis. This chicken has no production value and should be eliminated as soon as possible. Yellow-green or yellowish-white litter with fecal odor and dilute feces, indicating that bile is discharged into the intestine, is more common in acute infectious diseases such as Newcastle disease, cholera and typhoid. It should be immediately isolated after discovery, and comprehensive diagnosis should be eliminated. Dilutions of white paste or lime-slurry are more common in younger chickens, bacillus, infectious bursal disease, etc. They are isolated immediately after discovery and are completely eliminated. China Agricultural Network Editor

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