Whose idea is to add "high copper" to the feed?

Netizens are good at water: "The four guilty of high copper":
Counting one: pig copper poisoning

Long-term feeding of high-copper diets can cause copper to accumulate in the liver and cause chronic poisoning. The main poisoning symptoms are anorexia, stagnation, anemia, yellowing, itchy skin, and eczema-like lesions. The sow diet is supplemented with 25010-6. Copper induces vaginitis and leads to miscarriage. It can easily cause high incidence of stomach ulcers in pigs. After the excessively high copper in the diet is absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract for a long time, a large amount of soluble copper sulfate is a coagulant of protein, which has stimulatory and corrosive effects, causing severe gastroenteritis in the herd, leading to pig stomach, esophagus Department of keratinization, erosion, ulcers, perforation and other pathological changes, the clinical manifestations of severe pig appetite, waste, blood in the stool, vomiting, and even death.

Guilt #2: High copper affects the absorption of other nutrients, increasing the cost of raising

High copper can reduce the absorption of zinc and iron, causing a lack of zinc and iron.

The third count: The impact of high copper on human health

High copper can atherosclerosis and accelerate cell aging and death. Recent studies have shown that copper deposits in certain places in the brain can lead to brain atrophy, degenerative changes in gray matter and white matter, reduced neurons, and eventually develop into senile dementia.

Guilt four: high copper pollution to the environment

Only about 10% of the pig's feed intake of copper is deposited in the body, and the remaining 90% are excreted with the feces. Copper is a non-degradable material. Except for the waste of resources, the large amount of copper discharge has caused great pressure on the environment. A large amount of copper enters the water and pollutes the water source, causing great harm to the health of people and livestock. (This post is from the Intensive Swine Forum)


High copper in feed is not only bad for pigs, but also bad for humans. So why should you add high copper to feeds? This problem stems from the pig's droppings. Copper can darken the pig's droppings.

The origin is that the feed company's salesman told the farmer that the feces was a good feed, or that the farmer told the feed company that they had a feed requirement to make the pig's feces black. This problem has no solution.

In short, the existence of high-copper feed, feed companies have an irresistible responsibility, farmers can not escape the relationship.

A feed enterprise that wants to make a century-old store should proceed from the basic needs of pigs and continue to develop products that meet the nutritional needs of pigs instead of putting people's needs first.

The aquaculture market is also undergoing constant adjustments. Farmers who do not understand the needs of pigs will also be eliminated.

The pig industry needs healthy development. Start with your pig farm.

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