Automatic packaging line = automatic lifting platform - single piece weighing - packing - sealing - automatic weighing - weight - packing

Process: automatic lifting platform - single piece weighing (computer automatic acquisition memory) - packing - sealing - automatic weighing (computer automatically collects memory and transmits weight and discomfort alarm) - weight (computer automatic weight) - Bale. The automatic lifting platform to the end of packaging is controlled by PLC and photoelectric switch, and the automatic operation is unmanned.
User-friendly design. Not only the production is now neat, beautiful, compact, but also greatly saves manpower and improves work efficiency.

We can serve you according to your specific requirements rules, design, production.

Elida Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of various packaging machinery / materials and automated assembly lines / conveyors.
The main products are: automatic baler, PET plastic strapping machine, free buckle steel strapping machine, pneumatic steel strapping machine, heat shrink packaging machine, sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, pneumatic nail box machine, body packaging machine, Blister packaging and sealing machine, coding machine, hand-held inkjet printer, vacuum packaging machine, external vacuum machine, hot melt glue machine, high frequency plastic welding machine, stretch film winding machine, tray wrapping machine, metal electrification marking Machine, electric corrosion marking machine, paper folding machine, steel belt scissors, automatic assembly line, conveyor, belt production line, printing packing belt, PET plastic packing belt, printing sealing glue, PE stretch film, heat shrinkable film, PE protective film, heat Melt and packaging machinery parts.
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