Brief Introduction of Vegetable Seed Soaking Method

First, warm soup soaking: The method uses a water temperature of 50-55 degrees, the amount of water for the seed 5-6 times. Put the seeds into pots or buckets, slowly add warm water, and agitate while adding water. After 10-15 minutes, the water temperature will drop to 25-28 degrees, and then remove the seeds and wash after dipping for a certain time (about 5-10 minutes). Net mucus, germination or sowing after drying. This method is mostly used for melons, Beans, eggplants.

Second, the hot soup species: first soak the seeds with cold water, remove, and then pour the seeds into the amount of seeds 4-5 times the temperature of 70-80 degrees in hot water, while stirring down, until the water temperature dropped At 50-55 degrees, hold for 7-8 minutes, and continue to stir, and then remove the seeds and wash them until they are dry, germinate or sow. This method is mostly used for seeds that are difficult to absorb water, such as potato and watermelon seeds.

Third, conventional soaking: water temperature 25-30 degrees, soaked for about 10 minutes, wash and dry after sowing. This method is used for water-absorbable seeds, such as cabbage species.


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