Ginkgo peeling processing

Ginkgo biloba is generally harvested from late September to early October. The harvested ginkgo is processed in time for peeling, which is the key to ensure the quality of Ginkgo biloba and improve economic efficiency. 1, peeling treatment. Ginkgo biloba harvested will be piled together and the thickness should not exceed 30 cm. It is suitable to cover wet grass (straw, wheat straw, and weeds) and store it for 2 to 3 days. The outer seed coat will rot. The foot can be lightly stepped on, tapped with a wooden stick, and the outer seed coat can be removed by hand rubbing. It should be noted that because ginkgo biloba outer seed coat contains alcohol, phenol, acid and other chemical substances, it can cause skin operator itchiness, dermatitis, blisters and other allergic reactions. Therefore, hands, feet, and skin should be avoided from direct contact with ginkgo during the operation. 2, bleach. After removing the ginkgo biloba seed coat, it should immediately be bleached and rinsed in bleach. If the residence time is too long, the uncovered outer seed coat will contaminate the middle seed coat, which will make the seed coat dull and reduce the quality of the ginkgo. Preparation of bleaching solution: Put 0.5 kg of bleach into 5-6 kg of warm water, remove impurities, and dilute with 40-50 kg of fresh water. For every 1 kg of bleach, 1000 kg of Ginkgo biloba can be bleached. The bleaching time is about 5-6 minutes. After the ginkgo is poured into the bleaching liquid, it should be agitated immediately until the seed coat becomes white, then it can be removed and rinsed successively with fresh water several times until no traces of herbs are left on the fruit surface. Bleaching containers should be made of porcelain jars and concrete pools. Iron can not be used. 3, dry. Ginkgo biloba after rinsing can be directly exposed to indoor or outdoor shade ventilation. During the dry process, it should be turned to prevent yellowing or mildew in the seed coat.
Source: Zhongshan Agricultural Information Network

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