Dry cowpea processing technology

1. Selection of materials

Choose no worms, no rust, no deformity, no damage, no pollution of tender beans.


The delicate texture of tender kidney beans should not be too long for boiling water blanching. Normally remove them in 2 to 4 minutes and dip them immediately with cold water to prevent the residual heat from continuing to function.

3. Color protection

Adding 0.5% sodium bicarbonate to the water during blanching can maintain the green color of the kidney bean and improve the appearance of the dried kidney bean.

4. Smoked sulfur

The blanched beans are spread indoors with bamboo mats and burned with 200 grams of sulfur per cubic meter to prevent oxidative discoloration and rot deterioration during drying, reduce the loss of vitamin C, and promote the drying speed. The rehydration performance is better.

5. Drying

Natural drying is often affected by the weather, so it is best to use artificial drying. In addition, barns can also be designed on their own for mass production.

6. Storage

When dried cowpeas are stored, they must be protected against moisture deterioration. They can be processed into large bags using polyethylene agricultural film. Each bag contains about 20 kilograms, and they are sealed after being packed. They will not deteriorate in two years.

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