Warm Corn Germination and Seeding Techniques in Early Spring of Sweet Corn

Sweet corn seed grains are small and cloudy, shrinking, the emergence of seedlings is slow but not neat, and the bud potential is also weak. Due to the high sugar content, the seeds are sown in early spring, and are subject to long-term low temperature and even rainy weather, which is extremely easy to rotten. In order to solve this problem, in recent years, the author has promoted constant temperature germination sowing, has played a very good effect, now its advantages and technologies are introduced as follows:

1. Soaking with warm soup Soak sweet seeds first on bamboo mats for 1 to 2 days before soaking. Then remove the impurities, broken seeds, sunspots, kids, rot, and dust from the seeds. Then put the seeds in hot water of 50-55°C and stir for 4-5 minutes. Soak them in warm water of 20-25°C for 6-8 hours. Use warm water for sterilization and disease prevention. The best 1:1000 times potassium permanganate solution soaked. Sweet corn seed is not full, soaking time can not be too long, so as to avoid too heavy water content, but affect the germination effect. After the seeds are soaked, they are washed and filtered to dry excess water. It is best to use dry gauze to remove excess water and pods on the surface of the seeds. This will improve germination.

2. Constant temperature germination Thermostatic germination is more commonly used in three ways, one is the body's personal warming germination, but this method can only be applied to a small number of seeds; Second, the thermostat box (seed germination box) germination; three is electric blanket prime. No matter which method is used for germination, the seeds that have been washed and rinsed are first wrapped in a “dry and damp cloth” (that is, a cloth that is soaked in water and then wrung out with moisture) and then wrapped around the surface of the package. Plastic tape or plastic bag (convenient bag) lightly sealed, its significance is to prevent evaporation of water evaporation in heat and temperature germination, but also to prevent water out of soaking the incubator or electric blanket, especially after the electric blanket soaking moisture soaked, easy to cause Electric fire or electric shock accidents, germination in the constant temperature box to prevent the package can not close to the heating tube, to be a certain distance, to prevent the plastic bag is heated by high heat after the fire to burn the instruments and seeds. In the process of seed germination, human germination is based on the self-temperature constant temperature effect, and the instrument germination is to meet the needs of seed germination by artificially adjusted thermostatic effect. Regardless of constant temperature or electric blanket, the temperature of the day can be adjusted to about 28 to 30°C. On the second day, it can be reduced to about 23 to 25°C, and after the third day, it can be maintained at 20 to 23°C. During the germination process, attention should be paid to opening the seed bag once every 10 to 12 hours to observe in a timely manner so as to spray water and seeds in a timely manner to promote germination. Generally, germination starts within 2 to 3 days.

3. The picking sweet corn seedlings have serious problems with different grain sizes and full maturity. The germination potential during the germination process is also very different. The uniformity is not uniform. In the case of constant temperature, it is generally from the first batch of buds. Germination to 90% bud germination separated by 2 to 3 days. Therefore, we must promptly pick up the buds, not before the buds and other late buds, otherwise, bud root (also known as radicle) is too long when passing through the gauze, easy to cut off the root buds, it is important not conducive to seedling sowing, bothersome and laborious . Picked buds can be sowed first, but also can be placed at 12 ~ 15 °C? Not lower than 12 °C below the low temperature storage for 2 to 3 days until the seed germination rate of 85% to 90% when sowing, but to Note that the seed buds picked out should be covered with a damp cloth to prevent the root tips of buds and reduce the emergence rate.

4. Sowing seedlings to pick out the stored bud species is best in the indoor low temperature hardening seedlings 12 to 24 hours, grab the sunny morning sowing in nutrient bowl or seedbed, the seeds cover 1 cm thick fine soil, strong and weak buds to be separated (Seed) sowing, easy seedbed management, after the broadcast to spray the water once the car surface, with plastic film to cover the increase, and then cover a small arch shed insulation, until 50% of the sprouts when the soil is removed, only cover the small Arch shelter film, sunny open two ventilation, until the seedlings grow to 4 to 5 true leaves in time when the early planting, after planting seedlings pouring root water, reducing the period of slow seedlings. Post-management is consistent with conventional Daejeon. The live broadcast of Daejeon grabs good shoots in the soil and is conducive to sprouting.

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