How to deal with loose knocking sound of agricultural diesel engine valve seat

Phenomenon: Because of the looseness of the valve seat ring, a kind of "click, bang, bang" knocking sound is issued. The sound is especially noticeable at the moment when the diesel engine is about to turn off. Severely affect power and damage rocker arm.

Causes: 1. The material of the seat ring is not compatible with the material of the cylinder head and is deformed by heat and loose. 2, the seat ring and cylinder cover with improper clearance and loose.

Diagnosis: 1. Turn off the engine and turn the flywheel by hand. You can hear the sound of “嗤, 嗤, 嗤” in the exhaust pipe or air filter. 2. If the intake valve seat is loose, the air intake pipe will be hot and hot. 3, the valve chamber cover removed to observe, such as the valve clearance and valve spring are normal, you can determine the gas seat ring material caused by the inconsistent knocking sound.

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