A New Sweet Potato Variety Xushu 25-2

Xushu 25-2 is a new high-starch sweet potato variety. In 2001, it was selected as a sweet potato breeding base in Hainan and selected by Jiangsu Xuzhou Sweet Potato Research Center from the natural flowering of Xushu 18 and pollination. The aboveground stems and leaves of the line are all pale green, and the vines are short (80-100 cm), the stems are fine (2-3 mm), and the slices are small (812 cm). There are no teeth in the heart, and there are many branches (6-8 a) Good ventilation and light transmission. The potato is early, neat and concentrated, the number of single plants is medium, the rate of large and medium-sized potatoes is high (over 95%), the potato blocks are long-spindle type, red-flesh white meat, and few purple haloes. The drying rate (28.15%) and the flour extraction rate (16.17%) of the spring potato were comparable to those of the Xushu 18, and the potato shape was beautiful. The potato sprouts are good, slightly better than the Xushu 22, with many seedlings, uniform seedlings, and strong seedlings. The new varieties are cold-tolerant, tolerant, highly resistant to root rot of sweet potatoes, resistant to stem nematode disease and black spot of sweet potato, and suitable for cultivation of spring and summer potato in Huanghuai potato area and northern potato area. However, its long-term growth in the late growth period is affected by the temperature conditions. When the light conditions are insufficient, the dry matter rate is slightly lower. When the humidity is high, the upper half of the tuber has sprouting. Since 2007, it has participated in regional trials of sweetpotato varieties in Shandong Province, with a large increase in production, comprehensive performance of traits, and broad promotion prospects.

In 2009, sweet potato had less rain in the middle and late growth periods and was full of sunshine. It was more suitable for the expansion of sweet potato, and the new sweetpotato variety Xushu 25-2 was particularly prominent. Xuzhou Liuxin Potato Industry Cooperative is located on the bank of Weishan Lake. The soil is a sedimentary lake soil for many years. The soil has a good granular structure, strong permeability, conserves fertilizer and water, and is rich in nutrients. It has a material basis for the cultivation of high-yield and super-yield sweet potatoes. On October 29th, our center planted Xushu 25-2 in Daejeon and selected 3 in the beginning and 10 meters in weight at the beginning of each year. The proportion of 5-8 kg of individual potato stalks was large, and individuals weighing more than 10 kg were seen everywhere. The production of fresh potatoes per kilogram exceeds 10,000 kilograms, which has created a new record for the high yield of sweet potato in our city, and it also meets the requirements of the current national grain production project.

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