The UK has developed a video game system to help treat children with ADHD

British researchers have reported that a specially designed video game system can help children focus and reduce the symptoms of ADHD.

The University of Hertfordshire recently issued a communique saying that the school's psychology researchers tested the effects of a video game system developed by a company. The content is an interesting educational game. Children need to wear a helmet when they play. They contain EEG detection equipment. If the player can keep focusing, the game progress can be controlled if the system detects its attention. The force shifts and the game stops.

The researchers asked 10 children with ADHD to play the game three times a week. After 12 weeks, these children's impulsive behaviors related to attentional shift were significantly reduced.

Karen Pine, a professor of psychology at the school, said that children with ADHD often have difficulty controlling sudden impulsive behavior and making inappropriate actions that are detrimental to their education and growth. This was previously treated with a common drug approach, and this study shows that specialized video game systems can also be used to help children reduce impulsive behavior and concentration.

According to reports, the R&D party is planning to promote the system called “Footing Attention” throughout the UK.

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