The technical method of meat donkey fattening

The technical method of meat donkey fattening

The fattening of meat donkeys can have different methods depending on their performance, purpose and object. Divided by performance, can be divided into ordinary meat donkey fattening, high-grade meat donkey fattening; divided by age, can be divided into young fattening fat, young donkey fattening, adult donkey fattening and eliminated donkey fattening; according to the material classification, can be divided into fine material Type fattening, coarse material combined with fattening.

1 young donkey fattening technology: whether the success of young donkey fattening depends on the choice of fattening donkey itself production performance, feeding and management of the fattening period, feeding and environmental conditions, the quality and quantity of market demand and the level of decision-making operators.
When the young donkeys are fattening, the early-term diets are dominated by high-quality fine material, dry coarse material, silage, and bad residue feeds. In the later period of fattening, the main objective is to produce high-quality products and high-yield donkeys to improve the quality of carcasses and increase lean meat. Yield.
When designing the rate of weight gain, young donkeys should consider three aspects, namely the appropriate amount of carcass fat deposits, the weight of the carcass body and the cost of feeding. Different varieties, the design of the weight gain speed will also be different. Young donkeys should be bred in groups when they are fattened. There should be no sports grounds, free food, and free drinking water. The quarters should clean up the feces once a day, remove internal and external parasites, immunizations in a timely manner, and use covered or open-mouthed pens or plastics. Thin film warm shed technology. Timely feeding in groups ensures that the growth and development of the donkey are uniform, the rations are changed in time, and the gluttonous donkey restricts the intake of food, prevents excessive fat deposition, and reduces the quality of donkey meat.

2 donkey fattening technology: donkey fattening techniques can use the following methods.

Concentrate type model: The appropriate donkey breed must be taken into consideration when implementing the concentrate-type fattening mode. The high-precision feed techniques mainly include diet formula, feeding technique and management technique, final body weight index of fattening and carcass grade index.
The implementation of refined feed fattening mode should be based on fine material, supplemented by coarse material; the fattening mode can be large-scale, easy to support, meet market needs of different grades, and at the same time feed price, shelf donkey price, technical level and slaughter should be overcome. Segmentation techniques and other limiting factors.

Pre-coarse and fine finishing mode: In the early stage, more feed was used for roughage. The concentrate was relatively concentrated in the late stage of fattening. This type of fattening method is often used in production. Pre-coarse and fine-finishing fattening mode can give full play to the characteristics and advantages of donkey's compensation production and obtain satisfactory fattening effect.
In rough-to-pre-finished diets, roughage is one of the major nutrient sources for meat donkeys. Therefore, special emphasis should be placed on the feeding of roughage. Mixing a variety of roughage and succulent feed, the effect is better. In the pre-rough post-fermentation mode, the early period is generally 150 to 180 days, roughage accounts for 30% to 50%, and the late period is 8 to 9 months, and roughage accounts for 20%.

Dregs Feed Fattening Mode: Dregs feed is an important source of roughage in meat donkey breeding industry. Reasonable use can greatly reduce the production cost of meat donkeys. The bad residue feed can account for 35% to 45% of the total nutrient content of the diet.
The following issues should be taken care of when the meat donkey is used to feed meat donkeys: It is not appropriate to use the bad residue feed as the only roughage for the diet, and it should be combined with dry coarse material and silage; long-term use of distillers' grains should be supplemented with vitamin A in the diet. , 10,000 to 100,000 international units per head per day; bad residue feeds and other feeds should be fed evenly after mixing; bad residue feeds should be fresh, and moldy feeds with moldy deterioration should not be used.

Grazing and fattening mode: Grazing and fattening are used in areas where pastures are available, and good fattening effects are also obtained. However, reasonable organization and good technical work are required. The first is the rational use of pastures and the full use of pasture resources. The south can grazing throughout the year, the north can grazing in May-November, 11-April feed; the second is a reasonable group, to determine the group, according to the nature of the grassland resources reasonable grouping, each donkey about 20 to 30 square meters Grassland; Third, regular deworming and epidemic prevention. During the grazing period, feed supplements are added at night, and the amount of mixed concentrate per horse per day is 1% to 1.5% of the live weight of the meat donkey, and sufficient drinking water should be provided after supplementation.

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