Integral throttle killing manifold

The utility model relates to the technical field of improvement of a throttled killing manifold. An integrated throttle killing manifold is disclosed. It is quite different from the general throttled kill manifold structure. The whole structure is adopted, and a plate throttling combination valve is adopted in the throttling pipe sink, and a flat check combination valve is adopted in the killing pipe sink, that is, a combined valve is used instead of a single connected valve; metal nickel is infiltrated at a contact surface with the medium; The metal sealing surfaces are all cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloys; all non-metallic sealing surfaces are made of hydrogenated rubber, throttle valve core, and the valve seat is made of cemented carbide. The utility model has the advantages of compact and reasonable structure, good sulfur resistance performance, safe and reliable work, convenient installation and strong applicability, and can be widely applied to places with harsh working conditions and strict requirements for use.

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