Problems with Walnut Shaping

It is relatively easy for the cultivation and management of walnuts to be more manageable and fresh for storage than fresh fruit, and fruit farmers can generally adopt extensive management. In recent years, the sales price of walnuts has been rising year after year. Therefore, fruit farmers in the Beijing suburbs have started planting large quantities of walnut trees, setting off a trend of planting walnuts.

At present, suburban fruit growers have developed walnuts in the mountains and slopes, and some have even begun to grow walnuts in large areas on the plains. What is even worse is that walnut cultivation techniques have not been understood at all and they have begun to develop walnut cultivation in large areas. Therefore, there are many problems in the suburbs such as the improper selection of suitable afforestation sites, single varieties, unreasonable row spacing, improper pruning, improper pruning, improper spraying, or improper spraying, resulting in serious diseases, dry shoots, and dead trees. Many farmers have phoned to ask questions that arise in production. For this reason, this edition specially invites the former Beijing expert consultant team member and Bai Jingyun, an expert on fruit trees of the Beijing Agricultural College, to answer the questions that the farmers in the walnut planting industry urgently need to solve. This time talk about walnut plastic surgery and pruning.

What a good walnut tree shape: tree shape must meet the growth characteristics of walnuts. The walnuts are dry and young, and young trees grow vigorously. Adult trees and old trees have weak growth and are prone to sagging. Therefore, Walnut shaping should be dry type, such as trunk shape, evacuation layered or multi-center dry shape.

The trunk stays much better: walnut branches are more angled and lateral branches are more prone, especially after entering the fruitful period, branches are prone to sagging. Therefore, walnuts should be set higher than other tree species. In addition, the height of the drier should be determined according to the tree shape, variety, and planting density, and the variety and planting density should be given priority. As for the late varieties, the dry height should be higher than that of the earlier varieties. Planting density is leaner than planting density. At present, planting walnuts are mostly cultivated into pieces and the newly cultivated varieties are planted as early fruits. Therefore, the height should be set to about 1 meter.

How to cultivate the main branch: the newly established walnut tree Although the tree did not germinate and spread leaves, wounds will not be injured after cutting, but the wound will not heal and should be protected by painting. Due to the strong branching ability of walnuts and weak sprouting force, the branching angle is large, and the number of main branches remaining in the same layer will increase the branching angle. Therefore, the main branch of walnut should be kept as little as possible. The main branch of the first layer of the base is best to leave three, and the second layer and above are to leave two.

How to quickly reshape: The central task of Walnut colonization in the first year of management is to find ways to increase the survival rate. The new shoots sent by the main trunk are all preserved, and the leaf area is increased as much as possible so that more nutrition can be produced and stored in branches, stems, and roots for profit. Wintering. The growth of young saplings of walnuts is prosperous. From the second year onwards, new shoots grow larger each year. Therefore, during this period of time, the new shoot should be used for two years as much as possible. When the new shoot of the backbone shoot grows to 50-60 centimeters, it will be picked up to speed up the branching and early shaping. But the resulting shoots must not be short-cut in order to make it ahead of the results.

The period of walnut trimming: walnut trimming is not the same as ordinary fruit trees. Walnuts cannot be trimmed during dormancy. Otherwise, wounds will affect the tree potential, and the wounds will not heal and even cause death. The correct pruning period is after the trees have been planted. The adult tree is best pruned after picking.

Walnut trimming method: walnut flower buds are also different from the general fruit trees, flower buds are divided into female and male. The female flower buds are mixed buds and are planted on the top of the shoots; the male flower buds are pure flower buds and are lateral. Therefore, walnuts are the result of the top buds of shoots, except for the fact that the walnut branches of the branches are generally not shortened, otherwise the results will be affected. For the dense branches and dry branches, thinning can be carried out, and the branches of the excessively weak branches and the sparse parts of the inner branches can be shortened or shrunk, and the branches can be promoted to achieve a three-dimensional result. Adult trees, especially the old walnut trees, should be strengthened to thinning and shearing the outer dense branches. Walnuts increase with branches, the growing tendency of the branches becomes weaker, and the resulting ability decreases, and the dry and dry rate increases obviously. Pruning year by year as much as possible to reduce the level of branches, so that the tree branches as far as possible within the range of 3-4, in order to try not to exceed the 5 level is appropriate.

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