Cucumbers are "misaligned".

A farmer friend in Dezhou asked, “The cucumber is growing unevenly” is the reason why? How to do?
Answer: I. Improper fertilization Due to rush, the use of chicken manure without adequate decomposing fermentation as a base fertilizer, resulting in injury to the roots, is the main reason leading to the uneven growth of cucumber in the area. After some cucumbers were burned, the seedlings were growing unevenly. In addition, there are individual greenhouses where the growth of chicken manure is caused by the presence of flaming alkali, which is mainly caused by excessive application volume.
For the burning root caused by the above reasons, the vegetable association experts put forward the following suggestions: apply a fully fermented and decomposed organic fertilizer, and apply as early as possible, during the growing period of cucumber, appropriate flushing of some biological bacterial fertilizers, such as Jianzhibao and Yanzhen Series organic fertilizer and so on.
Second, the uneven ground caused by uneven cucumber watering when the greenhouse topography is low and uneven, so that the water supply to the plant is not balanced, the terrain is high, the water is low, the terrain is low, water, plus a lot of vegetable farmers in the watering will be part of the irrigation Fertilizer, which also caused the situation of plants growing uneven.
Control methods: leveling the ground, combined with water pouring. Avoid some seedlings pouring, and some can't be poured. At the same time, it should prevent the accumulation of stagnant water at the front face of the greenhouse.
Third, root knot nematode damage caused by the growth of some sheds have root knot nematode damage, infestation of cucumber roots, due to varying degrees of harm within the shed indoor nematodes, some places are serious, some places are lighter, this will also make cucumber The plants are growing unevenly.
Control measures: 1.8% of avermectin can be used to irrigate the roots from 2000 to 3000 times. A vegetable farmer used avermectin to flush it. This method can, but the effect is not obvious. Root can be treated after water, 200 ml of liquid per plant.
Fourth, the size of the seedlings when planting is different This happens less because farmers will breed more nursery when they are nursery. However, when serious diseases are encountered at the seedling stage, the spare seedlings may not be enough, but Can not be planted, will borrow seedlings in the neighbors planting seedlings, which caused the growing cucumbers. When planting, the seedlings should be evenly distributed, and the uneven growth can be controlled by spraying 800 times the harvest number one to promote uniform growth.

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