Non-food feed for pigs

Pigs should insist that five do not feed or feed. It is best to boil the bean curd residue for 15 minutes, then feed it after cooling to decompose the toxin and increase the utilization rate of tofu.
However, the amount. In general, the amount of feed does not exceed 1/3 of the amount of the eclipse. If the amount of feed is too large, it can cause indigestion.
Not only feed. Feeding bean curd must be accompanied by a certain proportion of corn, bran and mineral elements, and feeding green feed, in order to provide comprehensive nutrition.
Do not feed slag. If the bean curd is spoiled with mild acidity, 50 grams of lime powder or baking soda powder may be added to 1 kilogram of bean curd residue before feeding to neutralize it.
Do not feed ice residue. Any frozen bean curd should be boiled and then fed.
Distiller's grains feed pig four attention to promote fresh feed. Do not stack excessively when storing distillers' grains. Avoid drying and mold.
Limited feeding. Distillers grains are hot feeds. Feeding more pigs is easy to get angry. Therefore, the amount of feed should not exceed 20% of the daily feed of pigs, and it should be fed for a period of time.
Feed before treatment. Distiller's grains have a stronger alcohol taste, so they must be air-dried so that alcohol can be volatilized. Distillers grains with severe fermentation are neutralized by adding 50-75 grams of baking soda powder per kilogram.
Do not feed the pigs. Do not feed the pigs with distiller's grains, so as not to cause abortions in pregnant sows, boar sperm abnormalities and other adverse consequences.
Three main principles for feeding broilers to pigs The so-called bacillary bacillus is the residue after the cultivation of edible mushrooms.
Collect it. After harvesting the edible fungus, the moldy material and soil on the culture material are first de-purified, and then the scorpion blocks with more hyphae and mushrooms are used. After being dried, the pigs are crushed and fed. In general, more than 60 kilograms of bacillary dysentery can be obtained after producing edible fungi per 100 kg of culture material.
Feed before fermentation. For every 100 kg of mash, 40 kg of rice bran is added, and a proper amount of water is added to mix and stir in the jar. After the smell of wine is smelled, the pig can be taken out. Control the amount of feed. Feeding pigs with bacillary dysentery should be matched with other feeds. The amount of bacillary dysentery can be increased to 20%~35% after fermentation, and avoid single feeding.
The five steps of feeding water to pigs should pay attention to 5 points when feeding pigs with drowning water, that is, timely collecting fresh drowning water; filtering and cleaning the mud and sand and other impurities; sterilizing at high temperature to kill pathogenic microorganisms; removing floating oil to prevent pigs from eating and diarrhea. Rational feeding. At the same time should be diluted feed to prevent salt poisoning, limited feeding, dosage of 1/3 of the amount of pigs.
Biogas slurry feed to pig 5 requires that the biogas slurry should be extracted from the normal biogas digester.
The pH of the biogas slurry is neutral. Before the liquid is taken, a wooden rod is used to agitate at the inlet of the tank. When the liquid is taken out, the surface slag is first removed, and the middle layer clear liquid biogas slurry is used as feed.
After the biogas slurry is taken out, it is allowed to stand for 30 minutes and then mixed with other feed to form a wet material. It is advisable to use semi-dry and semi-humidity. Feed it immediately and pay attention to the regular drive of parasites in the pig.
Biogas slurry is suitable for feeding growing pigs, starting from 30 kg of pig weight, feeding about 90 kg to stop feeding. It is not advisable to feed boars and empty sows to avoid excessive growth and affect normal reproduction.
The amount of biogas slurry should be increased from small to large, allowing pigs to adapt gradually. If pigs have diarrhoea, they should stop feeding immediately. To determine the cause of the disease and make appropriate adjustments, the general response is to reduce the amount of biogas slurry.

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