Shandong Institute of Medical Imaging Research Molecular Imaging Branch was established in Weifang

Shandong News Network December 31 Weifang News (Reporter Wang Xiaoli correspondent Tian Yusheng) Shandong Institute of Medical Imaging Research Molecular Imaging Branch and Shandong Medical Association Radiology Branch Molecular Imaging Group Inaugural Meeting and Weifang Radiological Society Annual Meeting 2008 Held in Weifang from December 27th to 28th, 2008. The conference was hosted by the Department of Medical Imaging of Weifang Medical College and the Affiliated Hospital of Weifang Medical College (Image Center). Professor Wang Bin, the vice president of Weifang Medical College, was elected as the chairman (team leader) of the Molecular Imaging Branch of Shandong Medical Imaging Research Association.

Nearly 200 representatives from various medical and scientific research units in the province attended the meeting. Former Chairman of the Chinese Medical Association Radiology Society, Associate Dean of the First Central Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, Prof. Ji Ji, Vice Chairman of the National Institute of Advanced Medical Imaging Education, Chairman of the Heilongjiang Medical Imaging Society, and Dean of the Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University Professor Shen Baozhong, Chairman of Shandong Medical Imaging Research Association, Professor Zhao Bin, Deputy Director of Shandong Medical Imaging Research Institute, Chairman of the Imaging Professional Committee of Shandong Association of Integrative Medicine, Professor Ma Xiangxing of Shandong University Qilu Hospital, etc. Do academic reports. Zhang Benshui, a researcher from the Weifang Municipal Health Bureau, congratulated him.

At the meeting, Professor Ji Ji and Professor Shen Baozhong made a special report on "The Status and Prospects of Radiology Development in China" and "Introduction to Molecular Imaging". Six young and middle-aged experts and related representatives from Weifang Medical College made academic reports for molecular imaging. There was a lively discussion about the development of the school.

It is understood that molecular imaging is a new subject developed on the basis of genomics, proteomics and conventional medical imaging technology. Its outstanding feature is the use of imaging technology to achieve live display, measurable biochemical processes, and clear lesion properties. And development, and efficacy evaluation, etc., so as to achieve early, early, and pre-disease diagnosis and treatment, interventional blockade, evaluation of efficacy, prognosis estimation, etc. Therefore, molecular imaging has great application prospects in clinical medicine, applied biology and related fields. Under the background of the formation of the molecular imaging society in China, the molecular imaging colleagues in our province took the lead in setting up the Shandong Institute of Molecular Imaging under the initiative of Professor Wang Bin. This is a milestone in the development and progress of molecular imaging in our province and the whole country. It also marks that the province and Weifang Medical College have reached the domestic leading level in molecular imaging research. The molecular imaging research of Weifang Medical College will be on this platform. There are more breakthroughs and progress. (Zeng Cong)

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