Some Problems Needing Attention in Raising Snakes

The prospects of the snake industry are promising, but the technical measures in the snake-raising process have yet to be improved. According to many years of practical research, the author believes that the following points must be taken into consideration when raising snakes: 1. The structure of the snake farm and the snake house should be reasonable. Some snake farms simply imitate the wild environment and use open-air fences for breeding. However, compared with the wild, artificially constructed open-air snakes The stocking density of the farm is very large. If there is no corresponding separation condition, it will lead to colonization and disease development. Therefore, snakes should be kept in small wooden boxes or small caves in order to change the disadvantages caused by excessive density. 2. The scientific use of snake-snake-boxes covers a small area, requires less investment, is easy to produce, and has high efficiency. However, the size of the snake box must take into account the snake self-heating, humidity instinct, and strive to achieve the size of the snake and the snake box commensurate. 3, to grasp the stocking season used to breed snakes, it is appropriate to leave their own species, such as catching from the wild is appropriate to catch before May, from June to July due to snake egg embryos become larger, easy to capture snake fetus when caught, leading to the card Eggs die without giving birth. Overwintering and fattening should be carried out from August to September. At this time, snakes like to eat food, grow fast, and have high economic benefits. 4, feed the food before the winter feed the peak period of snake food in the 8-10 months, September food basically reached its own weight. During this period, we must invest enough food to eat and eat snakes. 5. Management of hibernating heat and humidity During hibernation, the temperature of the hibernation period is too high, and the snake consumes energy because of the activity. If the temperature is too low, the weak snake will be frozen. Therefore, during the hibernation period, it is advisable to increase the temperature of the snake colony to the constant temperature room. The temperature should be kept at 12 oc-18 oc and the relative temperature should be between 60% and 80%. When sunny weather warms up, it is appropriate to open the window and change air. It should not be cold and hot.

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