Fertilizer farm fertilizer with tricks

Fertilizers and farmyard fertilizers should pay attention to the following three techniques:
Pay attention to time. Farmyard fertilizers are slow to take effect and should be applied early. They are generally used before they are sowed at the same time. However, the use of chemical fertilizers is small and the effect is quick. Generally, it should be applied about 7 days before the peak period of crop absorption and nutrition.
Pay attention to methods. The base fertilizer is better for the compound fertilizer, and the urea has better effect when it is topdressing. Farmyard fertilizers should be applied to the soil in combination with deep plowing, or combined with ridges and buckled into ridge bottoms. With the nitrogen fertilizer with farmyard fertilizer, 30% as base fertilizer, 70% as top dressing, phosphate fertilizer and potash as bottom fertilizer applied one time.
Grasp the quantity. Fertilizers are used in conjunction with farmyard fertilizers. The amount can be differentiated according to crop and soil fertility. For example, farmer can plant 4m3 rice, 24kg urea and 13kg phosphate fertilizer per acre. Compound fertilizer 13 kilograms; medium fertility soil can apply farmhouse manure 3 cubic meters, urea 20 kilograms, or apply compound fertilizer 12 kilograms; high fertility soil can apply farmhouse manure 2.5 cubic meters, urea 15 kilograms.

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