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Shandong Yunfa Animal Husbandry Cattle and Sheep Breeding and Distribution Base, the company covers an area of ​​302 mu and covers an area of ​​268 mu. It is currently the leading animal husbandry and breeding demonstration enterprise in Jining with the largest population, the most complete varieties, and the strongest strength. . We supply a large number of high-quality beef cattle, mutton sheep, breeding cattle, and breeding sheep: Luxi cattle, improved Simmental beef cattle, Charolais cattle, Limousin cattle, black and white cows, Small Tail Han sheep, Boer goats and other high-quality livestock . In 2000, the Ministry of Agriculture was awarded the “National Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization”, a unit of the Sheep Raising Association, and the only “State-level key breeder” in Jining City. The products supplied by the company are fast growing, adaptable, and easy to finish. Extensive resistance, variety, reasonable prices. The company does. Pre-sale; patiently introduced the variety. Sale; quality and cheap, low profit and quick sales. After-sales; follow-up services, as well as to the customer's satisfaction. The purpose of this company; service is publicity, quality is life, customer is God. The customer’s reputation is our Gold Cup

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