Degradation of edible fungi

The degradation of mushroom strains is caused by the mutation of the mycelium's genetic material. The performance of the strain suddenly or gradually loses its original viability, high yield performance, or changes in the morphology of some fruit bodies. The mycelium grows slowly, and dense white fan-shaped colonies appear on the culture medium. The resistance to environmental conditions such as temperature, pH, carbon dioxide, oxygen and miscellaneous bacteria is weak, and the fruiting period is advanced or delayed. Obviously so.

How to prevent the degradation of mushroom strains?

1, to ensure the pure culture of bacteria. For strains that are not contaminated with bacteria, do not mix with different strains of the same mushroom species or culture them at close range.

2. Strictly control the passage times of strains, reduce mechanical damage, and ensure the viability of strains.

3, appropriate cryopreservation of bacteria. Low-temperature strains (such as mushrooms, mushrooms, etc.) at 4 °C, high-temperature strains (such as straw mushroom) preserved at 16 °C, is conducive to the preservation of the vitality of mycelium.

4. Avoid multiple passages in a single medium, along with reasonable generations, mothers, original species, production of different types of media, is conducive to improving bacterial viability and maintain good traits.

5, strains should not be used for too long, over age bacteria will appear aging, and aging and degradation are organically linked, weak viable strains are prone to degradation.

6, strains to be regularly rejuvenated, at a suitable temperature, appropriate pH, adequate oxygen, appropriate diffuse light, no bacteria culture conditions.

7. Annual spore separation, sexual reproduction to find good strains, and tissue separation to consolidate the genetic characteristics of good strains.

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