Eggs fed vitamins should be appropriate

When the egg market is good, some chicken farmers often increase the amount of vitamins they feed in order to increase their egg production. This will lead to more eggs, which will lead to hypervitaminosis in laying hens and affect the growth and production of laying hens. egg. Addition of vitamins to layer chicken diets must be strictly adhered to standards, and arbitrarily increasing dosages can cause harm to laying hens.

The optimum content of vitamin A per kilogram of feed for vitamin A layers is 4000 international units. When the feeding amount exceeds the standard of feeding, it will cause hen vitamin A excess syndrome, manifested as mental depression or convulsions, feed intake decreased, serious eating, feathers off.

The vitamin D content per kilogram of feed for vitamin D layers is 500 international units. When the feeding amount exceeds the feeding standard, a large amount of calcium can be transferred out of the bone tissue of the laying chicken and promote the absorption of calcium in the gastrointestinal tract, so that the blood calcium concentration is increased, and calcium is deposited on the arterial wall, joints, renal tubules, and heart In other soft tissues, clinical manifestations include loss of appetite, diarrhea, and kidney stones. Layers often die from uremia.

The vitamin E content per kilogram of feed in vitamin E layers is 5 international units. Overfeeding can lead to impaired fat metabolism in laying hens, leading to fatal or poisoned deaths.

The vitamin K content of the vitamin K layer per kg of diet is 0.5 mg. In the case of excessive feeding, vitamin K stimulates the gastrointestinal mucosa to cause inflammation, chickens show loss of appetite, diarrhea, decreased egg production, and severely stop production.

When hypertrophy occurs in laying hens, they should immediately stop feeding vitamins and provide sufficient drinking water. Generally, they can gradually recover within 2 weeks.

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