Flour processing delicious Liangpi

1, tools. One iron pot, three spinning balls, one towel, one tarpaulin, one oil bowl, one iron spoon, one wash basin, two washbasins, and two buckets.
2, raw materials. 5 kg of wheat flour, 1.5 kg of green bean (or sweet potato) starch, 10 grams of alum, and 150 grams of salt.
3, wash your face. Flour and dough of moderate hardness, knead with clean water, clarified the slurry, washed and rinsed repeatedly, until the water becomes clear, there is no sediment, gluten is clean and vigorous, the clear slurry of water in the barrel of precipitation 8 Hours or so. The starch was placed in another water basin and water was added for 8 hours.
4, merger. The slurry was removed from the slurry and the starch starch was combined and salt was added. Alum is dissolved in warm water and placed in a bucket and stirred thoroughly.
5, steaming. Use a tarpaulin to wipe the vortex, put it all together and combine the slurry. Rotate 720 degrees in one direction (that is, two laps) to make it uniform in thickness. Place it quickly in a boiling water pan and cover the lid. Steam out of big bubbles and pan.

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