Fruit trees can be budged

Bud grafting method Firstly, in the resulting tree, we choose to grow robust external vegetative shoots and use a sharp knife to cut the "T"-shaped scion mouth from top to bottom and horizontally, with a depth of up to xylem, cross cut 0.3 to 0.4 cm, and up and down. 2 cm, then use the same method for the newly harvested shoots, cut out buds with the same size of triangle buds on the shoot, and insert the buds into the “T” shaped joint as soon as possible so that the buds will stay in close contact with the leather. Grafted xylem, buds around the left and right are surrounded by grafted skin, and then with a width of 1 cm, 20 cm long plastic film from the bottom up and tightly wrapped, do not make buds exposed buds.
About 30 days after loosening and cutting an anvil and sprouting, the buds have been picked up, and the plastic band can be undone, and the anvil is immediately removed and the new shoots are removed. Afterwards, the sprouts on the rootstock are often removed at any time to strengthen the water and fertilizer management and promote the scion. Fast growth.
Advantages of bud grafting 1. The survival rate of budding buds is high, which is 40% higher than that of spring buds; 2. The sprouting speed is fast and the number of cutting processes is small. Because there is no water loss during the scioning process, the survival rate is high; 3. The scion is saved. Reducing the large-scale wounds of rootstocks has no effect on the current results of other branches of the rootstock; 4. The operation method is simple, which is conducive to the transformation of large orchard varieties; 5. Whether it is a courtyard or large-scale transformation of trees, the management is convenient, and the buds can be docked. At any time in Futian make up; 6. Crimping new branches due to high temperatures, high humidity, fast growth, can be fruiting two years later, 3 to 5 years to reach the full fruit period.

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