Winter sheep "three notes"

To build a shelter for the sheep.

The best sheds for sheep should be corridor-type, slope-backed, high and low, slope of about 30 degrees, elevation of about 2.4 meters, height of back wall of 1.7 meters, and corridor width of 1. 2 meters, the front wall is 1.4 meters high. Designing the shed according to the size of the sheep should not be too high to prevent body heat consumption. Take the plastic heating shed to be a movable type. When it is fine at noon, open the shed frame and change the air circulation. If it is a fixed plastic greenhouse, there should be enough ventilation openings, and the urine should be cleaned every 3 days to 6 days to prevent the breeding house from causing respiratory and joint diseases.

Second, we must put three good points.

1, insulation. Choose a shed where the leeward sun shines, and choose a well-insulated plastic to cover it in double layers.

2, moisture. The humidity in plastic greenhouses is generally relatively high. Ventilation holes or skylights are often used for ventilation during breeding.

3, wind and snow. Winter and spring snow and snow prevail, the destruction of plastic greenhouses is very serious, so when building should pay attention to solid and durable, found a timely repair of holes. To prevent heavy snow from squeezing through greenhouses, the general shed is preferably between 50 and 60 degrees. This sloping angle not only ensures that the sun can fully enter the shed, but also promotes snowfall. Snow that cannot slide down should be promptly removed.

Third, we must do a good job of disease prevention.

The main prevention and treatment of rheumatism. The limbs, psoas muscles, and joints of the sheep are prominently changed. The injection is mainly based on western medicine hydrocortisone treatment or acupuncture points treatment; the hooves are rotted (wet hoof leakage), and the treatment is to repair hoofs, remove corrupt secretions or use asphalt, wax, human hair The appropriate amount of ash, a total of paste into a paste, add a little borneol, stir evenly, fill the affected area, and keep the inside of the house dry and ventilated; rickets (疥癣) treated with anti-parasitic drugs, 20% lime milk for contaminated sheds Disinfection treatment, found that the diseased animals were isolated in time.



Germany imported beads

Imported French lens

mould Die-casting  Eight edge type Revolving arm

Optional emergency power supply≥3 hours

The main features:

1)Ideal cold light effects

Using the new LED cold light source, ensure energy saving and environmental protection and long service life up to 80,000hours and more.

The temperature increase of surgeon`s head below 1℃. LED do not engender infrared ray and ultraviolet radiation, without the temperature

rise and tissue damage caused by halogen shadowless light, also it can accelerate the wound healing after surgery, and without Radiation pollution.

With color temperature constant and soft, LED is very close to the sunshine.

1) Excellent shadowless effect

Lamp with the most scientific radian and Multi point light source design, ensure better uniform illuminance. When the lamps are partially occluded,

also can achieve perfect shadowless effect.Lamp panel radius of gyration ≥182cm, the lamp can be pulled to vertical floor, convenient to any angle illumination.

2) Excellent deep lighting

It is based on modularize method by Computer Aided Design, focused to irradiating with more beams of LED. It produces the deep lighting which beams

more than 1200cm,the illumination of center up to 180,000Lux or more, and offer the color temperature that can be adjusted from 3700K to 5000K which

is close to sunshine. Absolutely, it really reflects the color of human tissue and satisfied by all kinds of operating light needs.

3) Advanced control system

The use of liquid crystal display button control, to meet the needs of the medical staff of different patients with the brightness of the operation.

It offers illuminance memory function.

It does not effect using when a single circuit or one bulb is broken.

4) Universal suspension system

Rotating arm, a new type of alloy material is made of eight edge type.

Balanced system using imported arm module, more than 5 group universal joints, every cantilever must has more than 3 joints which can be rotated in 360°,

The structure is light, easy to manipulate, accurate positioning, can provide the maximum range of regulation.The equipped with fatigue correcting unit and

fix position hand handle device, easy to fix position after long time use.

5) Modern laminar lamp

The thickest part of lamp-chimney is not more than 10cm.

The lamp-chimney is made of ABS, The handle on the central of lamp can be detachable, can take high temperature (≤ 134°C) sterilization treatment,

easily adjust, flexible fixed.

Mobile Type Operating Light

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