Winter planted mushroom anti-deformation

Pleurotus ostreatus is cultivated in winter. Poor management can easily produce a variety of malformed mushrooms, reducing the value of commodities, and thus reducing economic benefits.

1, Bigfoot mushroom: After the occurrence of the primordium, the speed of cap differentiation and development is inconsistent, showing only the long stalk, thick and thin, not long mushroom umbrella, the diameter of the cap is smaller than the diameter of the shank to form the bigfoot deformity, The stem of this mushroom is hard and its commercial value is low.

Preventive measures: do a good job of ventilation and reasonable water spray. Even in the case of continuous low-temperature weather, the mushroom production period must be controlled during a short period of time when the temperature is high for a short period of time. The water spray should be used frequently, but the water spray should not be excessive.

2. Blue mushroom: In the process of mushroom body growth, blue halos are formed on the edge of the mushroom cap, and even the whole mushroom body turns blue-black, and it does not fade even when it is harvested.

Preventive measures: Warming measures include daylight, heating, electric heating and other methods. If you increase the temperature by burning firewood and burning coal, you should install enclosed heat transfer and exhaust pipes. It is not appropriate to build stoves directly in the mushroom room.

3, tumor gland mushroom: the surface of the cap mushroom or granular projections, called blisters or wrinkles in the mushroom, the performance of bacteria to grow slowly. In severe cases, the cap of the cap is collapsed and the body of the mushroom stops growing.

Preventive measures: When planting Pleurotus ostreatus in winter, it is necessary to ascertain the minimum temperature at which the cultivar's mushroom body can normally grow and develop, and do a good job of measures for heat preservation and temperature increase to control the temperature of the mushroom bed. When adopting temperature-changing stimulation measures, it should also be controlled within the suitable temperature range for the development of the mushroom body, and the cooling process should not take too long. Generally medium-temperature varieties should be controlled above 8°C, and low-temperature varieties should be controlled above 0°C.

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