Mink production and child survival technology

Hydra spawning period is a crucial period for raising the survival rate of the fleas. According to statistics, the general mortality rate during childbirth period is 10% to 15%, and the mortality rate within 5 days after childbirth accounts for 70% to 80% of the total lactation mortality rate.

Prepare your child for preparatory work

Do nests, make grass and cages to be sterilized, lay pre-natal mats, and spread two floors to prevent childbirth from falling to death. If the child falling to the ground is cold and hard, pick it up quickly, warm it up in a hot water bottle, and put it back in place.

Symptoms of maternal dystocia and oxytocin

When mothers with dystocia have difficulty producing their babies, their appetite suddenly declines or they refuse to feed. They are restless, restless, and constantly perform squats and defecation postures or licking the vulva. Some mothers were terrified in their performance. They often went out into the birth box. They often looked back and saw the amniotic fluid or lochia, but they did not see the baby.

Oxygen production measures to find dystocia and confirm that the cervix has been opened, you can oxytocin, intramuscular injection of oxytocin 0.3 ml to 0.6 ml, 2 hours after the injection, after 3 hours after the fetus is still not born, can be artificial birth Or take a cesarean section. Difficulty can also be induced with 10 units of 2 synthetic oxytocin and 0.3 mg of prostaglandin E2. The genital area is first disinfected with 0.1% potassium permanganate or levonurin, then inserted into the uterine cavity with a fine catheter, and then the uranium wire is withdrawn and a syringe filled with a liquid solution is connected to the mouth of the catheter. If there is no return of blood or amniotic fluid at the mouth of the catheter, the drug solution will be injected. If oxytocin is still not effective, the fetus will be taken immediately according to the situation. The success rate can reach 75% to 80%.

Check whether the colander has eaten colostrum

First of all, the purpose of a clear inspection is not only to look at the birth of several, it is important to see if the child has to eat colostrum.

Check method and time. After the child has been pulled out of the dark brown fetus, it is checked and a combination of listening, watching, and checking is performed.

Listening to the ears and squeaking outside of the nest, the squeaks of the colostrums are very thick, and they are very powerful buzzing sounds. .

Looked at the colostrum's son, her nose was black and shiny, her belly was bulging, and her umbilical cord was black. She did not eat colostrum because she did not have a scaphoid nipple, did not turn black, and her voice was not bright. The stomach was awkward, and the umbilical cord was Yellow.

The crickets that ate the colostrum were all held tightly together, warm in their hands, and had strong limbs. They did not eat colostrum scattered around the nest, and were cold and limbless. If necessary, check the mother's nipple. If there is emulsion flow out, the surrounding hair may wrap the nipple. You can manually cut the hair around the nipple with scissors to ensure the colostrum can eat colostrum.

Precautions when checking: Net, static, fast, warm.

Before the net check, it is necessary to wash to prevent odor. This causes the mother to bite, eat the child, leave the child, and do not feed the child. Therefore, during the childbirth period, the male and female keeper must avoid tobacco, and do not use cosmetics and scented soap. To avoid odor irritations.

Quiet to keep the environment quiet, to avoid the fear of lactation, resulting in back and forth from the birth of the child step on the wounded step on the child, and some abandoned child, not to breastfeed.

Try to move quickly when you are checking. Don't crowd around and let the lactating mother find abnormalities and leave behind.

The warmth guarantees that the nests and lice will be warm, and will prevent colds and colds, causing cold and pneumonia and gastroenteritis and death.


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