Wheat seed treatment method before sowing

Treating seeds before sowing can promote early emergence and strong seedlings. The common seed processing methods are as follows:

First, soaking

1. Soaking with calcium chloride. Before sowing, the wheat seeds were soaked in a 0.25% calcium chloride solution for 24 hours, then removed and dried after sowing. Can promote seedlings, enhance the ability of plants to resist dry hot wind.

2. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate soaking. Soak wheat seeds in 0.2%~0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, remove them after 12 hours, dry them and sow them. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate seed soaking has the effect of strengthening seedlings, promoting tillering, and increasing yield.

Second, seed dressing

1. Chlorothorean seed dressing. Before sowing, use 50% chlormequat 250 g, 5 kg of water, evenly spray on 50 kg of wheat, and then boring for 4 hours, until the liquid is fully absorbed by the wheat seeding. With control of Wang, the role of lodging.

2. Trace element fertilizer and seed dressing. First, 50 grams of trace element fertilizers should be warmed and water added. After mixing, mix 10 kg of wheat seeds and dry them. Can improve the disease resistance of plants.

3. Manganese sulfate seed dressing. Before sowing, 200 g of manganese sulfate is dissolved in 1 kg of clear water, and then 50 kg of wheat seed is mixed and allowed to dry after sowing. Increases grain weight.

4. Microbial microbial dressing. Before sowing, take 1,000 grams of powdery microbial inoculant per acre, add appropriate amount of fresh water, mix well and then stir in wheat seed, or use 1500-2000 grams of granular microbial agent per acre, and sow with wheat seed evenly. The use of microbial seed dressings has the effect of promoting root development and promoting tillering.

5. Ammonium molybdate seed dressing. 150 g of ammonium molybdate is dissolved in a small amount of hot water, and an appropriate amount of cold water is added, and the mixture is uniformly sprayed on 50 kg of wheat seed.

6. Borax seed dressing. Dissolve 100 grams of borax in 500 grams of warm water, cool and sprinkle on 50 kilograms of wheat and mix well. Allow to dry after sowing. The use of borax seed dressing is beneficial to plant root development and flowering and fruiting.

7. Chemical seed dressing. The use of insecticides, fungicides, seed dressing, control wheat seedling pests and diseases.

(1) Difendan dressing. 20 milliliters of enemy fentan is applied to a suitable amount of 10 kg of water. Prevention of wheat full-blown disease, sheath blight, scattered smut.

(2) dressing seed dressing. Dandan Dan (effective ingredient is phoxim) 50 grams of water 2.5 kg seed dressing 25 kg. Let dry after sowing.

(3) Kefeng No.1. Kefeng No. 1 80 grams of water 0.5 kg seed dressing 20 kg, sowing after drying. The use of Kefeng No. 1 seed dressing can have insecticidal and bactericidal effects.

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