British scientists have developed new nanoprobes

Release date: 2008-10-24

Researchers at the London Nanotechnology Center recently developed a new type of nanoprobe that can be used to detect whether an antibiotic drug can bind to bacteria, thereby attenuating or eliminating the ability of bacteria to destroy the human body. the goal of.
In the process of treating people with antibiotics, the bacteria causing the disease are prone to drug resistance, which makes the antibiotics lose their efficacy. The principle of action of antibiotics is to destroy the structure of the cell wall after binding to the cell wall of the pathogenic bacteria, causing the pathogenic bacteria to die. Once the drug resistance is produced, the cell wall structure of the bacteria changes, the cell wall becomes thick, and the antibiotic cannot bind to the cell wall. The researchers covered a row of nanoprobes that covered the proteins that make up the bacterial cell wall. Once the antibiotic binds to the cell wall, the surface weight of the probe increases, and this surface pressure causes the nanoprobe to bend.
Researchers have studied the vancomycin drug and found that the cell wall hardness of drug-resistant bacteria is 1000 times that of non-resistant bacteria. Therefore, nano-probes are used to detect the structural changes of bacterial cells in various cell walls, and the antibiotics with the greatest destructive effect on pathogenic bacteria are screened. This is the first time scientists have applied nanoprobes to drug screening. The preliminary results of related experiments are published in the latest issue of Nature-Nanotechnology. ——Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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