Making jam with potatoes

The washed potatoes were rotted and budded, peeled, steamed, and air-dried. Then use a sieve to make mud. Put white sugar, water and acid water (acid water used in the vinegar room) into the pot until it reaches 110°C. Pour the potato puree into the pot and turn it with a spatula while frying and pressure until the mashed potatoes. All pressure. When heated to 115°C, citric acid and pigment were added; and the pH was controlled to be 3~3.2. Diligence is needed to prevent coking. With a small fire to reduce the temperature, to the pot material to 90 °C, the fruit flavor and nutritional additives added to the pot, stir well with a shovel to bottling.

Ingredients: Potato mud 50kg, sugar 40kg, water 17kg, acid water 0.2kg, amount of food coloring, food flavor about 100mg, powdered citric acid about 0.16kg, nutrition amount.

Potato fructose production method: the barley soaked in clean water for 1 hour to 2 hours (water temperature maintained at 20 °C ~ 25 °C), when the water content of about 45% when the water drained. The expanded barley was allowed to germinate in a room at 25°C and barley was sprayed with a watering can twice a day. It can be used after 4 days when the malt grows to more than 2cm.

The potato is made into slag, and then finely filtered, 25% chaff is added, and then about 80% of the clean water is sprinkled on the prepared raw material, and the mixture is fully mixed, and it is left for 1 hour, and the drawer is divided into 3 times. For the first time, 40% of the material is fed, and 30% of the material is added after the pot is opened, then the last 30% is added when the pot is boiled again. Since a large amount of water vapor is distilled out, the time is 2 hours and the material is evaporated.

Place the steamed material in a cask and add the appropriate amount of water soaked in malt. Stir thoroughly. When the temperature drops to 60°C, add the prepared malt (appropriately 10%), stir evenly up and down, pour some malt water, and keep the temperature for 4 hours when the temperature drops to 54°C. After the temperature has dropped, add 100kg of warm water at 65°C, keep it warm, and filter out the candy. The sugar liquid was placed in a pot and warmed, and after being tanning, when the concentration reached Baume 40, it became a potato loquat candy.

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