Three-ridge cultivation technology for soybean mechanization

The soybean three-ridge cultivation method adopted in Jiusanyi District of Heilongjiang Province has been widely promoted. The continuous application effect in recent years shows that this high-tech cultivation technology has the effects of fighting against high yields, producing high-quality grain beans, and increasing cost-effectiveness.
Soybean three ridge cultivation selected 2BQ-8 type gas-suction precision drills. Before the operation, the modification and maintenance of the on-demand machine should be well done:
1. After the precision broadcaster is connected with a four-bar linkage mechanism, it is installed on the front main girder of the double girder frame, and the modified ridge seeding combination mechanism is mounted on the frame, and a 220-mm-long ploughshare and soil separation board is installed.
2. Refit the balance guide wheel at the front of the precision broadcaster into a 200mm-long cylindrical flattened roller. The seedbed of the original machine is forced to move back 100mm to facilitate the adjustment of the tiller depth.
3. The seed fertilizers made of iron plate and iron pipe are installed on the back cover of the double ankle boots to achieve double application of fertilizer.
4. Refitting the vertical transmission shaft assembly of the precision broadcaster, that is, changing the shaft sleeve to a 203 bearing and the vertical shaft to form a positioning thrust transmission. Adjust the bevel gear pair clearance and the whole ridge drive.
5. Adjust the transmission ratio according to the seeding requirement.
6. Install a suction fan and connect the air intake duct. Turn the transmission wheel to perform the pre-on-demand experiment.
According to agronomic requirements for various mechanical operations.
1. Land consolidation. In the range of soil moisture content of not more than 27%, with the stubble maggots on the wheat stubble depression, ramming depth 15 ~ 18cm.
2. Fertilize.
3. Ridge fertilization. In the middle of the fertiliser, a double-layer flat wing is installed, a 20cm wide seed bed is not loosened, and three yuan (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) fertilizers are applied in layers.
4. Seed sowing. Seed sowing is the same as tilling and sowing.
When there is too much precipitation in the fall and the crop cannot be completed, the ridge should be raised to prepare the soybeans for the next year. According to the methods of tilling or loosening, the deep fertilization device, on-demand broadcast, and complex soil device are installed. At the same time, make mechanical modifications for multiple applications such as spraying;
1. To drive the medicine machine, add a set of dual VB type drive pulleys to the end of the drive shaft of the traction power locomotive and the front end of the fan.
2. Fix the medicine pump, medicine tank and adjusting device on the double girder.
3. At the front 20cm of the furrow ploughshare, install the sprinkler head in front of the ridge. The required soil thickness is less than 4cm. The closed drug layer is affected by temperature, resulting in a good physicochemical effect, achieving the purpose of spraying and weeding before planting.

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