Management of geese before and after laying eggs

The breeding and management work before and after the breeding of the breeding goose can improve the breeding performance of breeding geese and ensure that there are many good goslings.
Select and eliminate poor breeding geese (reserve breeding geese) to choose to leave those weight, moderate sensation, body size, appearance, color meet the requirements of this species, timely production (200 to 240 days of age) goose. For the geese produced, it is necessary to refer to past egg production records, choose to keep more eggs, medium weight eggs (130 grams or more), egg-shaped and shell color normal and no-going goslings. Male geese require normal penis development and strong males. It is important to group the geese reasonably. Each group should be 60 to 100 and keep the appropriate ratio of male to female: medium-sized goose 1:4 to 1:5, small goose 1:6 to 1:7. In addition, about 3% of the reserve goose is left.
Feed dietary dietary nutrition To meet the nutritional needs of egg-producing geese, dietary nutritional levels: crude protein 16% to 17.5%, crude fiber 5% to 6%, calcium 2.20% to 2.60%, phosphorus 0.6% to 0.7 %, Lysine 0.69%, Methionine 0.32%, Table salt 0.3%. Feeding 3 times a day, each geese fed a daily dose of 150-200 grams, and it would be better to feed once a day at about 11 o'clock. In addition, it is necessary to supply 20% to 25% of green feed regularly, set up pots in the geese and on the sports ground, and add clean shell particles to allow geese to feed freely to meet the needs of the geese for minerals. The geese started feeding 1 month before laying eggs. According to the shape of goose droppings, it is judged whether the content of fine material and coarse material in the diet is appropriate. If the goose feces is loose, use a foot to gently divide it into several segments, indicating that the fine material, coarse material, and green material are properly matched; if the goose dung Small and sturdy, indicating that the fine material is less green, should be adjusted.
It is advisable to supplement the light intensity of the light bulb with a 40 watt ordinary light bulb per 12 to 15 square meters. The light bulb is 2 meters away from the ground. Light intensity should not be strong or weak.
30 days before the start of immunization, the geese group was injected with gosling plague vaccine, paramyxovirus vaccine, gosling virus enteritis vaccine, etc., and 1-2 times of drug repellent.

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