Wheat seeder operation technical points

First, the planter inspection and maintenance

1. Before the work, the seed drill should be filled with oil at each oil filling point to ensure that the running parts are fully lubricated. Lost or damaged parts should be promptly added, replaced and repaired. Caution Do not apply oil to gears, chains, and chains to prevent it from sticking and increase wear.

2. The working length of each seed wheel is the same and the displacement is the same. The broadcast adjustment mechanism is flexible and there must be no slippage or drift.

3, disc opener disk rotation is flexible, not shaking, not with the opener body friction.

4. Before and after each shift of work and work, all parts of the soil should be cleaned and special attention should be paid to removing dirt and oil on the drive system.

5. After the end of each shift, the fertilizer in the chemical fertilizer box should be cleaned to avoid chemical fertilizers from corroding the fertilizer box and the row of fertilizers. Check whether the row axis and the row of fertilizer axis are flexible.

6. After each shift, the planter should be parked in a dry, covered shed. When parking in the open air, cover the fertilizer box. Drop the opener when parking, put down the support to support the body, so that the planter's rack to reduce unnecessary load.

Second, the adjustment of planter

1, according to the needs of the amount of seeding, through the replacement of the sprocket to select the appropriate rotation ratio, large seeding rate with a large rotation ratio, a small seeding rate with a small rotation ratio.

2, the adjustment of the amount of sowing. It is achieved by changing the working length of the seed wheel. Turning the seeding amount adjustment handle left and right can change the working length of the seed wheel, and the broadcast adjustment handle is set to the position of “0”, and the working length of each seed wheel is 0. If it is not correct, loosen the seed wheel and the stopper of the stopper sleeve to move to the correct position, and then fasten the end face of the stopper to the seed wheel and the stopper sleeve. According to the amount of broadcast need to pull the adjustment handle to the corresponding broadcast, and tighten the bolts fixed broadcast adjustment handle.

3, adjust the depth of the opener into the soil. The opener is grounded by spring pressure and dead weight, and the greater the spring pressure is, the deeper the opener is buried. The spring pressure should be changed according to the seeding depth and soil hardness, and the appropriate depth of trenching should be adjusted. When adjusting, the pressure of each spring should be the same so that the opener depth is equal.

4, adjust the tongue. According to the different seed particle size, the opening degree of the tongue of the row seed should be adjusted appropriately. The tongue opening of the large seed seed row should be large, and vice versa, the position of the tongue should be fixed.

5, the adjustment of line spacing. When adjusting, proceed from the center of the main beam to both sides. The line spacing is based on the distance between the opener tips. Tighten the bolts after adjusting properly.

6, the adjustment of the number of rows. If less than the number of lines of the seeder is required, remove the excess openers and seed-feeding tubes, cover the seed holes at the bottom of the seed box, and adjust the line spacing as needed.

Third, the use and operation of planter

1. Do not stop the planter when it is done to avoid seed accumulation.

2. The operator must not make a sharp turn or retreat, and the planter must be lifted when the ground is empty and turns.

3. Suspended seeder should slowly increase speed at the start and gently drop the seeder to avoid damage to the opener.
4. Pay attention to the observation of the seed box to prevent the debris, rope, stones, nails and other debris from entering the metering device.

5, the operation should always check the seeds of seeding machine, seeding, etc. are blocked, and to be cleaned.

6, timely cleaning sowing machine dust, weeds and other debris.

Fourth, the maintenance of the seeder

After the end of a season's operation, the planter needs to be kept for a long period of time for use in the coming year. The storage of the seeder should do the following:

1. The dirt in all parts of the planter must be removed. Remove seed and fertilizer from the seed box. In particular, the fertilizer tank should be washed with clean water and wiped dry before applying anti-corrosion paint (except plastic box) in the tank.

2. Check the planter for damaged and worn parts, replace or repair if necessary, and repaint if there is paint removal.

3. After the new planter is used, if a disc type opener is used, the opener should be unloaded. Wash the outer cone, disc hub and linoleum with diesel or gasoline, and apply grease and then install it. . If it is deformed, it should be leveled. If the clearance of the disc spot is too large, it can be adjusted by reducing the adjustment pad between the inner and outer cones.

4. Clean the soil working parts (such as openers, building rakes, etc.) and apply grease or used oil to prevent rust.

5, planter should be stored in a dry, ventilated warehouse or shed, to avoid open storage. When storing, the rack support should be firm, and the openers and earth-covered application boards should be mated. Do not touch the ground directly.

6. The seedlings for rubber or plastic seedlings, fertilisers, etc. shall be removed after being cleaned, packed in boxes or placed on shelves for storage. The sand can be filled into the tube or stuffed with hay to avoid extrusion and folding deformation.

7. The pressurizing spring on the opener should be relaxed and kept in a free state.

8. After the planter has been stored for a long period of time, it should be carried out earlier before planting in the next season.

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