Four Kinds of Aquatic Products' Drying Teaching Specimen Stripping Process--Crab

When the crabs are slaughtered, one hand holds the crab shells in place to prevent crab clawing (clamping) from hurting others; the other hand slowly penetrates the crab's brain and heart with a probe to kill the crabs. The shell was slowly peeled off with forceps and a scalpel, and the muscles, cartilage, internal organs, and contents inside the shells were carefully removed, leaving only the crab shells in shape. Use the same method to remove the residual meat and residual fluids from the four pairs of limbs, that is, from the active joints of the exoskeleton, cut the appropriate small mouth with scissors and pull out the residual meat. Tweezers with small bundles of cotton, the bone marrow and residual liquid in the shell clean; the same, then remove the muscles and residual liquid in the crab chelate from the active joints, with a dry cotton ball from the incision in the crab chelate The residue is clean. Prepare a mixed mixture of pickled skin, remove the inner cavity of the crab shell from the incision, and fill the gap in the crab shell with oil plaster. Cover the crab shell and press it tightly. Appropriate whole table of crab, brush with varnish, make good label, place it in a cool and ventilated place and air dry naturally. In this way, crab specimens can be stored on display.

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