Feed additives for improving the quality of broilers

Although meat chickens grow rapidly, they have poor meat quality and poor taste. Here are some ways to improve the quality of broilers for reference.

1 Add flavoring agent

Adding seasoning spices (such as cloves, ginger, sweet peppers, etc.) to the diet of fattening broilers not only stimulates the appetite of the chicken, but also improves the quality of the chicken, makes the chicken taste better, and can remain fresh for a long time. Because these spices have The dual effects of antisepsis and disease prevention can improve chicken meat quality and extend the shelf life.The formula of the seasoning agent is as follows: 10 grams of scallion and garlic, 7 grams of dry yeast, 3 grams of ginger powder, allspice and chili powder, monosodium glutamate and salt Each 0.5g.Add the flavoring agent to the feed at a rate of 0.2-0.5% of the diet 10-15 days before the slaughter, mix well, and feed 1 time each morning and evening.

2 Add garlic

Usually garlic powder is added to the broiler feed. The addition of 0.2% of the diet will make the chicken more fragrant. Because it constitutes an important component of chicken flavor, it is lacking in compound feeds and general feeds for chickens, while it is rich in garlic. After the chicken eats a diet mixed with garlic powder, it can eliminate the smell of fish contained in the meat. , And no adverse effects on the growth of chickens.

3 Add silage

With 80% of the daily compound feed, clever amount of silage, and 5% of moss or plant straw feed, the meat flavor of the captive chicken can be the same as that of the natural chicken, and it can enhance the captivity. The disease resistance of chickens.

4 Add rot

Farm chickens are very nutritious due to the herbivore, rot leaves, insects, cockroaches, yeasts, and sand, which greatly improve the quality of chicken meat. In the process of raising chickens, the leaf surface soil of the vegetable garden or orchard can be excavated, dried at room temperature, and fed with chicken feed 70%-80%, green feed 10%-20%, and 5% leaf rot. -10% of the formula, fed chicken after mixing, or mixed by 75% of the chicken compound feed, clever% of the forage feed, and 10% of the foliar soil, and feed the chicken after the feed is fully stirred. Chickens fed this way have similar meat quality and taste to farmyard chickens. Eggs produced by layer chickens are also as good as those produced by farmyard chickens.

5 Add natural colorants

Many natural colorants contain high levels of oxidized carotenoids and lutein. If added to the chicken feed, the skin and fat of the chicken can be golden or orange, which will increase the grade of the product. Commonly used natural colorants and their addition amount (%): Caocao powder 5, pine needle powder 5, Locust leaf powder 5, red paprika powder 0.3, marigold 0.3, gold alfalfa petal powder 0.5-0.7, dried orange peel powder 2-5, seaweed powder 2, cow dung powder 1-2, shrimp powder 3, silkworm 6 and so on. In addition, the synthesis of oxidized carotenoids, crab yellow, lemon yellow and some antibiotics such as terramycin, chlortetracycline added in the amount of chicken feed, can also improve the chicken, fat and eggshell color.

6 Add special feed

In addition to feeding with corn, rice, rice bran, peanut drums, sand, etc., to ensure the supply of protein, vitamins, minerals, and basic substances, special feeds can be fed as needed, 1 such as banana peel, banana peel, etc., Until the slaughter, the chicken can be tender, refreshing, with flavor; 2 can be fed the next day weeds, such as thatch, grass grass and other green feed until the slaughter, can make chicken good color, delicious, with game.

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