Key Techniques for Prevention and Treatment of Mole Disease

Muskrat, weighs 1.25 kg to 1.5 kg, originating in North America, so the incense produced is also known as "American musk," containing the same musk ketone as the natural musk, fifteen, seventeen ring (alk) ketones and other major components .
Muskrat can reduce blood pressure and peripheral resistance of blood vessels, effectively increase the blood flow of coronary arteries, and has a special role of excitatory nerves, anti-fatigue, anti-inflammatory and reduced myocardial oxygen consumption, it is an effective drug for the treatment of coronary heart disease. Velvet hair density and fineness of mole fur accounted for the third and fourth positions of all hairy animals, respectively;
The water-repellent and non-moisture of the fur is second only to the mink skin, with beautiful colors and strong decorative and warmth. The international fur market is known as "soft gold." Because the mole is mainly herbivorous, the raising cost is low.
The reproduction rate and survival rate are much higher than those of Xiangxiu. Here are some of the major disease prevention techniques of the Mole.
First, Pasteurella mellitus patients induced this disease mainly through drinking water, feed or exogenous infection. Sick rats showed no signs of feeding, hair was untidy, breathing was quick and difficult, a few hind limbs were paralyzed, muscle cramps contracted, and they suddenly became ill.
More often than not, the incidence of disease is better, not diarrhea, but some anal, urine pull the blood, more than died in the pool, a few died in the nest cage, most of the two hind legs do not stand straight back.
1. Injectable ofloxacin (without penicillin, which is insensitive to penicillin), strictly grasp the dose (in accordance with label instructions) intramuscular injection, each mouse injection of 0.2 ml to 0.3 ml twice daily
Even note 2 days to 3 days.
2. Intramuscular injection with cephalosporin, injection of 0.15 ml per mouse, for 3 days.
3. Use Renofloxacin, Trafloxacin or Norfloxacin (Crushing) to stir in the concentrate according to the instructions.
Feed 2 days to 3 days, if you can not buy renoxacin, can be used Bacteria powder or ciprofloxacin mixed into the concentrate, fed once a day sooner or later, and even fed 2 days to 3 days.
4. Feed the fresh feed, analyze the possibility of contaminated feeds for exogenous contamination, the original unfinished contaminated feed should be discarded, replace the fresh feed, and pasteurize after high temperature sterilization (to be cool).
5. Strictly sterilize tools, utensils, nests, and floors. Disinfectants can be used in suer, bleach,
Potassium permanganate, lime milk, powerful sterilizers, and increased air flow in the field to ensure clean drinking water.
Chinese medicine treatment (with 50 to 100 pairs of moles):
Astragalus 30 g Phellodendron 30 g Wild chrysanthemum 15 g Dandelion 15 g Coptis 15 g Buckwheat bark 30 g Double flower 10 grams Dioscorea 20 g Ban Langen 30 g White kidney beans 30 g Fried in water and mix in concentrate, feed 3 days . Chinese herbs can be fried three times in spring and autumn and twice in summer.
Second, pseudorabies pseudorabies, also known as Ashie, because the rats by airflow, feed and other foreign infections and disease.
Sudden onset and coma, the two hind limbs stretched after death (the two hind limbs were paralyzed before death). The difference between this disease and rabies: no itching, no biting cage, sudden onset, short duration, no attack on the person, no paralysis on both the lower jaw and the front legs, and paralysis of the two hind limbs (stretching of the hind legs after death), the anus is basically clean, not See the blood.
1. Replacing unused suspicious feeds, sterilize the replaced feeds and allow them to cool.
2. Because it is caused by a virus, it is necessary to increase air flow to the premises.
3. To prevent the feed from being contaminated by rats, we must keep it strictly at all times.
4. Replace the grass with grass mats, spare spare grass thoroughly exposed after the reserve.
5. Injection of chicken embryonic cells potassium hydroxide aldehyde vaccine.
6. Intramuscular injection of ofloxacin can also be used (spiked with 10% of the virus spirit, together with injection), 0.6 ml each time, 2 times a day, even for 2 days.
7. For ground and nest cages, disinfect with 3% harsh sodium, strong disinfectant or hot grass wood ash solution.
There is no good medical treatment for this disease, but it can be treated with (pasteurization, detoxification, sterilization) using the above (pasteurella) prescriptions. Feed twice a day, once in the morning and in the evening, and at the same time, stir in the concentrate. Saturn's treatment with Chinese and Western medicine can quickly control the disease. After the disease is controlled, the nutrient-rich concentrate and palatability tender green material are fed, and usually a small amount of oxytetracycline or viral spirit is mixed in the concentrate, and the feed is for 3 days, stopping for 7 days.
Days, so repeated.
Third, paratyphoid (salmonella)
It has obvious seasonality, especially the most vulnerable to infection from June to August. The main illnesses are fever and diarrhea, and fecal abnormalities. After death, the spleen is enlarged 5 to 8 times, 5 to 10 times, and the spleen is dark red.
1. Analyze water sources, abolish suspicious feeds that have not been eaten before, and ensure that feeds with a high degree of palatability are provided.
2. For serious cases, the first injection of 0.2 ml of penicillin intramuscular injection, can also be used furazolidone or chloramphenicol, tetracycline, chlortetracycline, etc. (crushed after dipping water filling service).
3. The whole group of squirrels was fed with one of the above-mentioned drugs in the concentrate and fed for 3 days.
4. Isolated sick rats, treated alone.
5. Increase the air flow in the field.
4. Coccidiosis When the disease erupts, it will also cause losses. Therefore, it will eliminate coccidiosis four times a year. In particular, the coccidia was killed once the breeding rodents arrived and four times a year thereafter. Can be used ball powder, chlorophenyl hydrazine, pagoda sugar, Chinese medicine "coccidial king", etc., when used in accordance with the amount of instructions in the feed mix. Most people raise the attention of the squirrels to control pasterellosis, and they have a great deal of suspicion about pasteurosis. In fact, pasterellosis is rare, and intestinal parasites are a major hidden problem that are often overlooked by farmers.
Intestinal parasites not only have coccidia, but there are also some parasitologists who don’t even call them parasites.
Therefore, it is particularly important to clear and kill various intestinal parasites.

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