Luxi cattle breed characteristics

In terms of appearance, Luxi cattle body structure is well-proportioned, compact and compact, and serves both meat and meat. Most of the bulls are horns at the angle of a gantry. The horns of the cows are mainly gantry. The skin is well developed. The shoulder of the bull is tall and generous. The chest is deep and wide, and the body is clearly presented with a former high body and a low body. The cow has a low level, the hindquarters are well developed, the back is short and straight, and the ankle is slightly tilted. The joints are dry and tendons are evident. Forelimbs are positive limbs, the hind limbs are less curved and the distance between the hocks is small. Footstock is dense but poor in hardness. The tail is thin and long, and the tail hair often twists into a spinning brazing shape. Coats range from pale yellow to brown-red, with yellow being the most common. Generally, the color of the forequarters is deeper than the hindquarters, and the color of the bull is darker than that of the cows. The majority of cows have lighter shades on the inside of the eye, mouth, lower abdomen, and limbs. Commonly known as "three powder characteristics." The nose is mostly pale flesh, and some bovine noses have dark spots or dark spots. The character is sallow or amber. The body structure is divided into three categories: high yak, ground tiger and intermediate type.

In terms of production performance, according to the results of the slaughter test, the average slaughter rate of the 18-month-old yak was 57.2%, the net meat rate was 49.0%, the ratio of flesh to meat was 1:6.0, the ratio of fat to flesh was 1:4.23, and the eye muscle area was 89.1 cm2. The average slaughter rate of adult cattle was 58.1%, the net meat rate was 50.7%, the ratio of bone to flesh was 1:6.9, the ratio of fat to flesh was 1:37, and the area of ​​eye muscle was 94.2 cm2. Muscle fiber is fine, meat quality is good, fat is evenly distributed, marble pattern is obvious. The growth and development are fast, the body size can reach 79% of adulthood, and the body weight is 10.1 times of the birth weight. The individual is tall, the bull body height is 146.3cm, body length is 160.9cm, chest circumference is 206.36cm, weight is 685.18kg, maximum body weight is 1040kg. The cortex is good, but it doesn't show off after processing. Favorable temperament, health and disease resistance, easy feeding and management. - In terms of reproductive performance, cows are sexually mature, and some are 8 months old and can be affected. The estrus usually begins at 10-12 months of age, and the estrous cycle averages 22 days, ranging from 16-35 days; the estrus lasts 2-3 days. The average gestational period is 285 days and the range is 270-310 days. The average estrus after delivery for the first time is 35 days and the range is 22-79 days.

Liangshan Luxi cattle, fresh meat, evenly deposited fat between muscle fibers to form a clear marble pattern, with unparalleled superior seed. During Premier Zhou's life, he gave his Japanese friends two Luxi cattle. Today, the price of marbled beef in Japan is more than double the price of ordinary beef. The beef and cowhide produced in this county (cortical density, good toughness, and advanced machines can be divided into six layers) are used for export and are welcomed by customers at home and abroad.

According to the medicinal part, we called the kind that use bark to process Chinese Medicinal Herbs Bark. Bark is the outermost layers of stems and roots of woody plants. Some of them have special medicinal value, through the historical experience and modern science, now they are important in herbal medicine area. Such as Magnoliae Officinalis Cortex and ALBIZIAE CORTEX.

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