The basic knowledge of scorpion culture

Female: Listeners and friends, recently we have introduced some precious special cultured animals to you. The potential for special animal breeding market is very big. This is a sunrise industry. In the future, wild and rare animals are all protected, and edible and medicinal wild animals and poultry can only be kept by hand.

M: Yes, developing special aquaculture is not only an effective way to prosper rural economy and increase farmers' income, but also an objective need to maintain ecological balance and protect wildlife resources. Below we introduce you to precious fur animals - scorpions.

Woman: I think that farmers' friends must care about whether raising pigtails can make money. Which places are suitable for raising lice? Recently, our colleague Tan Ti, with these questions, interviewed Hua Shufang, an associate researcher at the Institute of Specialties of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Please listen to what Mr. Hua Shufang said.

Hua: The nephew is what we call the “snacks of a hill”. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, it was only after the founding of the People’s Republic that the raising of artificial breeding began in China. After several ups and downs, it has formed an industry and has a commercial production capacity. In recent years, due to the deepening of reforms, people’s living standards have been continuously improved, and more and more people have reached the standard of well-to-do life. The domestic fur market has been opened up, and the fur animal husbandry industry has revived. In particular, the breeding industry has developed faster and has made major breakthroughs in the development and utilization of scientific research, production, and deep processing of products, laying the foundation for the further development of the breeding industry.


Reporter: Would you please tell us what the economic value of Xunzi is?

Hua: The main product of wolfberry fruit is tanned skin. Suede is a large capillary with tough, wear-resistant, lightweight and soft, beautiful warmth, etc. It is a good raw material for making coats, leather collars and hats. The quilted coat is lightweight and flexible, with beautiful lines and is very popular with consumers. The oyster meat is tender, delicious and nutritious. It is not only a delicious game food, but also can be used as an advanced nourishing food. In Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other regions, its smoked products have been used as high-end medicinal foods. The scorpion gallbladder, which is its bile, can be used as a substitute for bear bile medicine after drying. The tweezers' hair and tail hairs are used as raw materials for making high-quality toiletries—hair brushes and writing brushes. The fluff of the raccoon is a high-grade raw material for wool, and the length, fineness, pull force and warmth of the fluff are better than cashmere. Without affecting the reproduction of lice, each adult can mate or cut 100 to 150 grams of hair every year. Scorpion oil is the fat of dumplings, and it is the raw material for making advanced cosmetics besides industrial use and food. Therefore, it can be said that the whole body is a treasure, high economic value, and has a wide range of development and utilization value.

Reporter: If our farmer friends keep their pigtails, what is the economic benefit?

Hua: The economic benefits can be described in terms of a breeding unit, that is, how can it be beneficial to raise one? Of course, the more you raise, the higher the benefits. In recent years, the price of raccoon skin has stabilized at about 200 yuan, which is an upward trend.

Reporter: Are you saying that the price of a suede is around 200 yuan?

Hua: This is the current market price. Each time a female parent feeds, the feed cost it needs for a year is 200 yuan, and 6 to 8 babies can be born. Each baby needs to raise 100 yuan for skin care, totalling 600 yuan, and the total investment should be 800 yuan. . Selling only one hide is 6,200 yuan, which is equal to 1,200 yuan. It can make a profit of 400 yuan, and the input-output ratio is 1:1.5. What hasn't been counted here is the processing and reuse of the oil, raccoon hair, and hair of the raccoon skin, and the development and utilization of oyster meat, bile, and oyster sauce have not been calculated. If the comprehensive utilization is good, adding this part of the benefits will increase its economic efficiency. Therefore, the economic benefits of raising eels are very significant.

Reporter: First of all, we must have good varieties, then what are the good varieties?

Hua: The best time to introduce Zhaizi should be from July to December. What kind of variety is introduced? According to the distribution of scorpion in our country, there should be 7 subspecies, which are produced in the Ussuri River Basin, which is the best in Wusuli in Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces. In the international market, it is also in a leading position. After many years of meticulous cultivation, the Institute of Special Products of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has nurtured excellent Wusuli cricket species; in addition, it has also cultivated the Jilin white pheasant species, which is completely reared and managed on the rearing and management. It is the same, but because its plush color is white, it is popular with people and has a promising market.

White Pelican

When clams are introduced, they should be introduced in accordance with the national standards of the People's Republic of China. That is to say, what kind of clams is the best and the country has uniform standards. The standard is: if the male is above class 2 and the female is above class 3, the proportion of the class 3 mother must not exceed 30% of the total; at the beginning of October it should not be less than 6kg, and the body length should not be less than 60. Centimeter, physical health; injected canine distemper, viral enteritis vaccine, and indeed get the immune, in addition to the male and female sex ratio should be 1:2 to 3, but also equipped with a kind of call out of the certificate. Such species can be purchased, do not buy some of the unknown farmer's species, so as not to be taken into account, when the introduction of the kind must choose the regular manufacturers.

Reporter: Where are the scorpions suitable for breeding?

Hua: In areas suitable for raising lice, north of 40 degrees north latitude, Hebei Province can also be reared at 38, 9 degrees north latitude. The natural conditions of the three northeastern provinces are very suitable for the growth of scorpions.

Reporter: What kind of problems should you pay attention to during the transportation process after you have purchased a planthopper?

Hua: The death of lice or health effects during transport is due to the continual stimulation of convulsions that causes the internal organs of the razor to be disordered and metabolically disordered, such as rapid heartbeat, depression, food deprivation or food refusal. Disorders of motion, etc., which can induce some diseases and lead to death. Therefore, the reduction of panic stimulation is the key to improving the survival rate of raccoon ducks in the transportation period. First of all, be prepared to transport cages during transportation. Do not transport them in sacks to avoid snaking them away. The production of transport cages should be based on local conditions. Raw materials include wood, wire mesh and bamboo. The size of the cage should be suitable. It should not be too large or too small. Generally it is 50CM in length, 25CM in width, and 30CM in height. The cage has to have a trap on the side to feed and feed the dumplings. The transport cage should ensure air circulation, facilitate observation outside the cage, be light, strong, and durable, and be easy to move. In addition to preparing suitable cages before transportation, we must also prepare feeds, feeding tools, gloves, barbed wire, flashlights, emergency medicines, etc. used on the way. In the course of transportation, we must use dark cloth or sacks to hide the transportation cages from being dark, keep quiet, avoid strong noises, refuse to visit during transportation, and cannot stay in downtown or crowded places to prevent panic. The proper amount of feed and sufficient water should be provided during transportation, but care must be taken not to let the water wet the stuffed lice so as to prevent colds. In addition, there must be special management on the way, pay attention to observation, and discover problems that need to be dealt with in a timely manner. This will ensure that the nephew will not suffer losses in transit.

Reporter: In general, what do you eat?

Hua: The wolfberry's feed should be said to be very extensive. It belongs to omnivorous animals. It also eats meat and vegetarian food. Its feed mainly includes animal feed, plant feed, and additive feed. Picky eaters, feed crickets all eat, very easy to raise.

Reporter: Then, what problems should Zweizi pay attention to in feeding and management in various biological periods?

Hua: The biological stage of the wolfberry fruit is divided into six stages of preparation breeding period, breeding period, gestation period, lactating period, recovery period, and breeding period of the young. The main points of its feeding and management are the following:

The preparation period for breeding is from October to November. When feeding, the amount of feed is based on the principle of feeding. The proportion of animal feed should not be lower than 15%. Animal feeds with high fat content can be appropriately increased and fed twice a day. Times, in order to help improve its fatness. By the end of November, the mother's weight should reach 5.5 to 6 kilograms, and the public eaves should be 6 to 7 kilograms. From December to January of the second year, in order to promote the rapid development of sexual organs and the maturation of germ cells, balance nutrition, adjust body condition, feed once a day, or take measures to control feeding. In management, we must do a good job of cold insulation; do a good job of health, often maintaining cage sanitation; strengthen drinking water, drinking water once a day; ready to breed later, it is when the end of hibernation, the physical condition is mostly unsatisfactory, to increase food intake And the number of feedings enables the physical condition to be restored as soon as possible so that breeding work can be done.

Reporter: The main product of wolfberry fruit is tanned skin. When does it take skin?

Hua: The timely picking season is generally from November to December, but due to the different climate changes each year, there will be some differences.

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