When the agricultural machinery field operations Qiao turned several attention

When agricultural machinery such as tractor units and combine harvesters are used for field operations, turning and reversing operations are very frequent. It not only affects the unit's operating efficiency, but also increases the wear of the steering system and the walking system and other operating system components. For this reason, the operator should Note the following points:
1, according to the shape of the field, the size and variety of crops, choose a reasonable walking route (such as a set of ploughing method, etc.), to reduce reversing, that is to reduce the empty trip travel, in order to help improve operating efficiency.
2. Before turning and reversing the unit, the unit must be raised and the working parts of the agricultural implement stopped. If the farm implement is still turning or reversing under the condition of entering the soil, the turning radius will be increased, the load of the engine will be increased, and the farm machinery will be easily damaged.
3. It is forbidden to "turn dead bends." Because the turning angle is too small, soil pile-up phenomenon is likely to occur, resulting in uneven field surface, thus reducing the quality of operations.
4. For narrow rectangular plots, it is best not to turn or turn the head, but to use the reverse method to complete the arable land, soil preparation or harvesting operations, or reduce the operating efficiency of the unit due to excessive number of headings.
5. When the wheel-type tractor unit crosses the hard and high field ridge, the rear tire of the tractor is larger in diameter than the front wheel, so the farm implement should be raised and reversed.
6. Track-type tractors do not habitually always turn in the same direction when working in the field. As far as conditions permit, the direction of turning must be changed frequently to avoid severe unilateral wear on the steering clutch.

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