Summer sheep protection against falling

Going into the summer, goats tend to fall out. The reason is mainly due to the fact that the climate is caused by high temperature and high humidity, so that the intake of feed is reduced, and the daily intake of nutrients is not enough. To change this situation, we must take measures from three aspects:

First, increase nutrition

(1) Feeding quality forage. Use grasses with good palatability, high nutritional value, such as green bean stalks and alfalfa. Especially the newly weaned lambs and pregnant ewes need to pay attention to this point. (2) supplement feeding material. In adult sheep, 200 grams of supplemental concentrate is provided each day; the newly weaned lamb is replenished with about 100 grams of concentrate every day. Each hundred grams of fine material, cakes should account for 25%, if you add cotton cakes or cakes, need to go through detoxification treatment, methods: water soak for 24 hours, then rinse with water. (3) feeding salt. Add 0.2 grams per kilogram of body weight to maintain acid-base balance in the body. (4) Increase drinking water. During the hot season, water should be kept in the basin for free drinking.

Second, suitable management

(1) Sheep house management. In the summer, the sheep house should do a good job of cooling the sun. Air convection windows are set at the bottom of the sheep's shelters' north and south walls; sun-shading sheds are set on the sun-facing side of sheep houses; if the sheep-raising houses are flat-tile roofs, white lime can be brushed or shaded. In addition, screens should be installed in the sheep house to prevent the entry of fly mosquitoes. (2) Grazing sooner or later. Early morning and evening grazing is carried out. Before 9 o'clock in the morning, the sheep must rest in a circle, and go out to grazing after 5 o'clock in the afternoon. (3) Night feeding. This meal should not only have the quantity but also the quality, and the supplementary time should be about 10 o'clock in the evening. It is not good for the sheep to rest and digest when it is too late. (4) Set the trough. Whether it is the flat raising method or the elevated method of raising sheep, the feed trough must be set in order to satisfy the sheep's feed intake for forage and to prevent the waste of forage grass. (5) Forage grass, green with. In order to prevent sheep from greedily eating and overeating grazing with excessive moisture content, diarrhea and bloating diseases should occur. The feeding should be dry and green. The best choice of hay is hay, hawthorn vines and peanut vines. When feeding, feed the hay first. After feeding grass.

Third, prevention and treatment of diseases

(1) Deworming regularly. The goats in the summer were injected with avermectin at a dose of 0.02 ml/kg to drive off the parasites. (2) Prevention of diarrhea. When the sheep is diarrhea, two 80,000 units of gentamycin can be taken orally in the morning on an empty stomach and can be used for 2 days. (3) immunization. For sheep that have not been injected with the W vaccine or the goatpox vaccine, it is necessary to refill the vaccine.

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bean extract

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