Four Measures of Autumn and Winter Management of Fruit Trees

Pressure soil. Winter is an opportune time to press the orchard. Orchard compaction can increase the live layer of orchards, increase soil fertility, resist drought, protect sand, prevent wind and sand, and maintain water and soil. Sandy land and thin land orchards are used to press soil, and the effect of increasing production is more obvious. Winter irrigation. Winter irrigation time is best after the Fruit is harvested and before the soil is frozen. The amount of water poured into the winter is preferably 20 cm to 26 cm below the ground on the day after irrigation. Sufficient water sources, well-equipped orchards, can be used for irrigation or ring furrow irrigation. An orchard with poor equipment can be used for irrigation around the roots of trees. The application of manure before winter irrigation, after winter irrigation, the effect is better. White paint. In winter, due to the sudden change of temperature and temperature, the sunny side of the trunk and branch of fruit trees in the daytime is directly exposed to the sun, and the temperature rises. The tree cells are active. At night, the temperature dropped sharply, making the tree too late to adapt to freezing and death. This is usually referred to as "sunburn." Whitening fruit trees can reflect daylight during the day and reduce winter sunburn. The main part of the white area is the trunk, and the main branch bifurcation and the ground stem should be painted more. The saplings of apples and pears must be carefully brushed. Scrape the skin. Winter scraping of fruit trees is an effective measure to eliminate overwintering pests. When scraping the skin, all the rough skin on the main and side branches must be scraped off, but do not go too deep. Just peel off the old skin and do not expose the wood. In case of fruit tree scars and diseases, scrape with lime after scraping. The scraped bark must be burned in a timely manner. China Agricultural Network Editor


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