Goose grazing fattening technology

1 Set up goose sheds can be used to build temporary goose sheds according to local conditions. Generally, they are surrounded by high bamboo fences and cover fish nets to prevent damage to animals. In addition to rain, roofs are not covered with litter mats. The site should be dry to prevent geese from catching cold or causing rotting. 2 The group management is convenient for group management. Generally, there are 250 to 300 geese as a group and managed by 2 people. If the grazing land is relatively open and the grass is abundant, 1,000 a gooses can be formed and managed by 4 people. When grazing, care should be taken to count the number of good geese. In case of mixed groups, they can be retrieved by group marking. 3 Rationally use the pastureland to select grazing routes based on the growth of pasture. Usually, in the afternoon, you should find a good place for the ranch farm the next day. You shouldn’t go back and eat the geese. Where the grazing land is small and the grass is full, the geese should swiftly gather some to make the geese eat well. If the grazing land is large and the fodder is not rich, it is necessary to shed some of them and let the geese eat freely. 4 Grazing time is usually 9 hours per day. Strive to let the goose eat 4 to 50% full (goose's bursal drum expands to the throat below the throat, which is 1 percent full), that is, 2% full in the morning, 2 to 3% full in the afternoon. 5 Note that after every 10% of the water is released, the geese will automatically stop feeding. At this time, the water should be released to make the geese drink enough water. Drinking pools can often be replaced frequently. Each time the water is released for about half an hour, ashore for 30 to 60 minutes, and continue to grazing. When hot, you should release water every half hour, otherwise it will affect the feed intake of geese. In addition, when driving out a small number of outcast geese, the action should be gentle enough to prevent surprises. If the grazing intake of geese can not meet the requirements, blue, coarse, and fine mixed feeds can be added to ensure the growth needs of meat geese.

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