Cold chickens also produce more eggs

Due to the cold weather in winter, laying hens' egg production rate will decrease in different degrees. In winter, the price of eggs is relatively high. Therefore, raising the winter egg production rate of chickens is very beneficial to raising the economic efficiency of broilers. . The egg-laying peak period of chicken-type laying hens is about 28-35 weeks old, and the egg-laying period can reach more than 85%. To arrange the laying season in the winter, we must change the early spring brooding to the brooding in May and June because the temperature gradually rises and the survival rate of chicks is relatively high. Adjust the feed to increase the proportion of energy feed in the cold weather. The formula is: corn 64%, bean cake 17.5%, blood meal 4.5%, shell powder 4.5%, bran 3%, fish meal 2.5%, loquat leaf powder 2%, bone meal 2%. Feed 3 to 4 times a day and pay attention to supplemental sand. When drinking water to feed properly, the amount of water consumed by the chicken is approximately twice the intake. If you do not drink water for 36 consecutive hours, it will affect the hen's egg production until the end of production. In the winter, drink the same clean water as Sherwin. This will prevent the chicken from getting cold and getting cold and keeping your body temperature. The most suitable ambient temperature for the environmental layer of laying hens is 13-20°C. The method of maintaining the indoor temperature is to close the walls, doors, windows, ceilings, etc., or increase the temperature in the furnace or building fire walls so that the interior temperature can be increased. Keep it above 13°C. The humidity in the house should not exceed 60%. For this reason, the chicken manure in the house should be regularly cleaned, and some stove ash is often laid to absorb moisture. In order to ensure that the air in the house is fresh, open the window on the south side for 10 minutes to release dirty air at noon. Increase the light into 21 weeks of age, extend the light every week for 1 hour, and when it reaches 26 weeks of age, ensure that the daily light time is 14 hours. Be sure to switch light on time when filling light, otherwise it will disturb the response of the layer to light. Install a 40-watt incandescent bulb every 18-20 square meters. Supplemental lighting can only be extended gradually, but not shortened. China Agricultural Network Editor

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