Farm animal husbandry must be four defenses

As the saying goes, “Autumn Horse Fertilizer” means that the weather in the autumn is good, the climate turns from heat to cold, close to the normal body temperature of farm animals, appetite increases significantly, and the herds appear to love the good momentum of falling in love. But at the same time, there are several points to note: 1, rotten grass rotten vegetable poisoning autumn autumn grass and more, regardless of the Qiuqiu or the grass, vegetables back to feed, can not feed or store well not easy to rot and cause livestock poisoning, This is caused by nitrite-induced hypoxia. Rescue can be performed by intravenously injecting 1 ml of 1% Melanin solution per kilogram of body weight. 2, anti-wild celery poisoning horses and sheep grazing after eating grazing to the river side of the water, the growth of waterside water celery growing lush, sweet, agricultural animals love to eat, it is easy to cause poison venom alkaloid poisoning. If this happens, induce vomiting and gastric lavage as soon as possible, and then use sterilizing acid. Can also be poured white wine, the effect is also very good. 3, anti-glutinous rice seedling poisoning After the autumn harvest, glutinous rice, sorghum and other root pods often grow some tender seedlings, farm animals love to eat poisoning, is due to hydrocyanic acid. First aid can be used 20% sodium nitrite 10 ml intravenously, and then intravenous 20% sodium thiosulfate 30 ml, have a good effect. 4. Anti-green potatoes Poisoned potato fields, often with greenish green potatoes and rotten potatoes and small potatoes, once eaten by agricultural and livestock farmers, it is also easy to cause farm animal poisoning, which is caused by potato poisoning as a result of. Urinary tea can be urgently used to lavage enema after oral administration of starch, and then irrigation and other solvents such as magnesium sulfate, to discharge poisons, and diuretic heart, while strengthening care. China Agricultural Network Editor

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