Non-polluted Eco-environmental Jujube Orchard Integrated Control Technology

Pest control is an important part of jujube production. Chemical control has played an important role in controlling pests and diseases with its high efficiency and timeliness. However, the long-term excessive use of pesticides also has some negative effects. During the spraying process, about 20 to 30% of the dispersed atmosphere, which was sprayed on the jujube tree, fell to the ground due to sparse leaf blades of the jujube tree, causing environmental pollution. The use of a large amount of pesticides, especially highly toxic pesticides, kills a large number of natural enemies while killing insects, and also makes the insects resistant. Although the dose has increased exponentially, the lethality has been greatly reduced, resulting in greater doses of medication and causing a vicious cycle. With the improvement of people's living standards, the quality of date fruits has higher requirements, among which the issue of pesticide residues has received more and more attention. Therefore, the implementation of comprehensive prevention and control and the promotion of pollution-free production techniques have become a major issue in ensuring the quality of fruit and benefiting people's health. Now we will give a brief account of the technical measures for the prevention and control of the non-pollution of the Zaoyuan. First, agricultural prevention. Strengthening management, enhancing tree vigor, and improving the ability to resist pests and diseases are effective measures to prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases. According to the characteristics of the jujube tree as a light-loving tree species, the jujube tree should be planted on an open sunny slope. In the flat principle, the row spacing should be increased and a tree with strong light transmission should be trimmed to ensure that the crown is not weak. Branches, dense branches, crowded branches and overlapping branches. In the rainy season, the jujube garden with easy accumulation of water should promptly eliminate the stagnant water in the jujube garden to facilitate the healthy growth of the root system. In order to ensure the healthy growth of the tree, it is required to produce 100 kg of fresh fruit, apply pure N0.7-1.0 kg, apply P2O50.5-0.6 kg, and apply 0.7 kg of potassium oxide. Second, agricultural control 1, scraping rough skin. After each year's "seizure," there are jujube gardens of the jujube armyworm, jujube mealworm, plagioclase pupa, and jujube pupa. The trunk of the tree trunk and large branches are scraped off and burned together to eliminate the juvenile armyworm and jujube. The overwintering moth of the moth caterpillar and the nymph of the jujube mealworm, the waxy jujube of the juvenile pied plaid, and the egg of the grazing moth. Scrape the skin to scratch the black skin, exposing the red skin, not to hurt the white skin. 2, the trunk wrapped around the plastic film, wrapped in straw rope. In jujube gardens where there are jujube footsteps, food bud armor, and big gray armor, each year after the "thriller" until the "clear tomorrow", the trunk is wrapped 20 centimeters above the ground and 20 centimeters wide and 5 centimeters long. Plastic film, first tighten the upper edge with a string, then fold the plastic film to make the upper edge become the lower edge, put the fine soil under the tree, make the film bulge, and finally fasten the upper edge, which can effectively block the jujube step Que mother moths, food buds, and large gray elephants harmed trees. At the same time, 30 cm downwards, a loop of grass rope was wound on the trunk to induce female moths to lay eggs in the grass rope. 10 days for a straw rope, will burn off the solution of the straw rope, can effectively prevent the harm of jujube marching. 3, cutworm branches, locusts. Combined with winter pruning, the jujube branches, turtle wax moth, jujube leopard pupa moth, and six-star black-spotted moth pests were cut off. If dry rot occurs in the jujube tree, the necrotic part can be sawed off and sterilized with 1% formaldehyde solution. Thorn caterpillar moth is also an important source of overwintering insects and should be decapitated. 4. Before and after “Qingming” every year, there are factors that are harmful to food buds, armor, ash and jujube, and can be coated with 20 cm wide waste oil or glue on the tree trunk, which can block the damage of trees. 5, trunk rope rope. In the jujube garden with date juvenile pests. Before the larvae are pupaed before the first day of September, the larvae on the trunk are bundled with a loop of grass rope to trap the armyworm larvae into the grass and remove the larvae. When the larvae are frozen, the solution is burned to eliminate the remaining jujubes. Mythimna separata. 6. Turn the tree tray before freezing. In a small, hazardous peach orchard, shovel the topsoil with a trunk radius of 1 meter and 15 centimeters in the ground, and spread it to the field. In order to reduce the density of overwintering larvae, the overwintering larvae of alfalfa, juvenile pheasant, peach aphid, and meadow grasshoppers were frozen to death. After thawing in the coming year, the soil was filled back into the tree trays. 7, the ground cover film. In winter, when the insects such as peach, peach aphid, cotton bollworm, and juvenile aphid are infested in winter, the ground covers the mulch every summer to block the excavation of these insects and the damage of trees. 8, clean pastoral. After the winter, it is necessary to clear the litter and pests in the orchard until the second year of the year, and burn it with fire. It can effectively reduce the overwintering base number such as stained moth, date rust, jujube brown spot, jujube leaf spot, and black spot of jujube leaf. Third, drug control. For jujube gardens where the occurrence of certain diseases and pests is particularly heavy, or for jujube gardens that have not been subject to agricultural measures, to produce pollution-free high-grade fruits, it is necessary to strengthen forecasting work, such as the prediction of the unearthed period of peach fruitworms and jujube marches, jujube armyworms The occurrence of predictions. And we must rationally choose pollution-free pesticides, eliminate the use of large-toxicity, long-lasting pharmaceuticals for jujube production, and use biological pesticides, insect hormones, and specific pesticides as much as possible. Abamectin is an antibiotic substance produced by the fermentation purification process. It has both insecticidal and acaricidal effects and is now widely used in fruit production. This medicine is safe for humans, animals, and natural enemies, and it does not pollute the environment. It is also not susceptible to insecticides. Insects that are resistant to other agents are also effective. Therefore, it can be applied to the prevention and treatment of jujube steppe, jujube mythimnasis, recently contaminated moth, grasshopper, and yellow stab moth. Can be used insect light, Qi Qi Su, a Wei insect clear and other preparations, such as 1.0% adithiocyan cream 2000 times. In addition, B, T, and 500 times the bacterial insecticide can kill larvae of Lepidoptera. For jujube rust, jujube brown spot, available 4% fruit tree-specific agricultural anti-120,200-300 times, 10% more antibiotic 1000 times. Jujube fruit can be used streptomycin, kanamycin, oxytetracycline 140 units / ml. Jujube disease can be controlled by tetracycline and oxytetracycline. Peach fruit borer is also an important pest that injure the jujube fruit. This insect can be used to control 25% of the porcine dolphins 3 colloidal suspension 800 times solution or 5% diazepam emulsifiable concentrate 1000-2000 times solution, or fruit worms and other net insecticides to control . It is worth noting that the first step to prevent and control pests is to promptly use pesticides based on pest forecast. The second is to focus on the time, group defense group rule, that is, in all the occurrence of land, at the same time for treatment. Can receive better control effect, and can reduce the cost of pest control.

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