Vegetable mulch covers "four taboos"

The mulching of vegetable mulch covers the benefits of increasing production and increasing income. It has been recognized by most vegetable farmers, but it is important to remember not to adopt the following four incorrect practices so as to prevent labor and people from hurting their wealth and affecting the output value. First, avoid blindly selected film Membrane is roughly divided into industrial film and agricultural film, in the production of vegetables must choose the agricultural film, do not use industrial film, because some industrial films contain some toxic substances, there are crops Injury, and even cause an absolute loss of production. The agricultural film is further divided into a transparent film, a black film, a silver-gray film, etc., and according to the season, the type of the crop, and the purpose of the covering, a different film is selected. Such as shed vegetables to increase temperature and moisture for the purpose of selecting the transparent membrane; to reduce the temperature, weeding and moisturizing for the purpose of selecting the black membrane; anti-mites available silver gray film. Second, bogey ignore water management Some people think that covering the film has a water retention effect, it ignores the water management, in fact, the water is guaranteed to have water. Therefore, the moisture in the soil must be sufficient before the mulch is covered. This is the key to ensure the normal growth of seedlings and seedlings. On the contrary, if the soil is heavy, the water is too much, and the oxygen is lacking, the seed germination and the root growth will be unfavorable. Such a plot should be dried first, and when the humidity is appropriate, it should be covered with a plastic film. Otherwise, the roots will be destroyed. Third, avoid blindly sowing in advance mulching film sowing can not be too early, because the cover film is good, good sensation, rapid emergence, met with frost frost, resulting in destroyed seedlings, to determine the seeding period must consider three factors: First, seedlings The requirements for environmental conditions; the second is the local frost period; the third is the number of days from sowing to emergence. In the case that all three conditions are suitable, it is best to sow the seedlings after the final frost period before sowing. This will help increase production and income. Fourth, bogey blind fertilization Some vegetable farmers in order to high yields, blindly increase the amount of fertilizer, in particular, planting at the same time or application of facilities, not only cause waste, increase costs, and even burn seedlings destroyed. Some vegetable farmers believe that the cover film can increase production, use less agricultural fertilizer, and use less fertilizer, resulting in later defermentation and affecting yield. When applying base fertilizer, no matter organic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer, it is necessary to fertilize the whole layer, and it is necessary to deepen 20-30cm deep and fully mix with the soil to prevent shallow application on the topsoil. The amount of fertilizer used must be accurate, not too little, and the applied organic fertilizer must be fully decomposed. China Agricultural Network Editor

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