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Sea rabbits, commonly known as sea pearls and rain tigers, are a kind of marine molluscs, and they are close relatives of shellfish such as clams and clams. According to records, there are more than 50 species of sea hare in the world, most of which are distributed in the tropical and subtropical waters, and are also distributed in the coastal areas of China. There are about 21 species, among which there are mainly blue-backed anal sea rabbits, black sea-breeding sea-breathing rabbits, and sea-breathing sea-rabbits. Varieties, especially the blue-backed anal sea rabbit are superior. The Hare's body is slightly spindle-shaped and generally has a body length of 12 cm or more, a width of about 7 cm, and a weight of about 130 grams, but there are also larger ones. It can neither run nor jump, it will only crawl slowly on the beach, so most of the time it is usually on the beach or algae in the intertidal zone. The bait is mostly benthic diatoms and organic matter deposited on the beach. The Lord also ingested small animals such as green algae and benthic copepods. When it was still, he looked from the side, like a sitting rabbit, plus it was before the slender antennae, as if it were also a pair of ears of a rabbit. , so it was rabbit name.
Sea Hare has a high economic value and is a good food and seafood treasure. The Hare is tender and delicious, and it can be eaten after processing, or it can be sold as sea rabbit sauce and processed into fresh dried products. The valuable seafood products produced by the egg group that it produces are called "sea powder" (commonly known as sea fans or sea dried noodles). The nutritional value of sea meal is very high. Its protein content is as high as 31.6% and fat is 9%. It also contains ash and essential vitamins A, D, and minerals. It is a good seafood supplement, and soup and dishes are delicious. tasty. Sea rabbit powder has very high medicinal value in addition to food. According to medicine books and other records, it is sweet, cold, salty, with heat and nourishing yin, anti-inflammatory, lungs and cough and other functions, treatment of nose bleeding, fever, cough, aphonia and thyroid tumors, malignant lymphoma, etc. are better The curative effect is also a good medicine for treating occupational red eye disease in hyperthermia workers.
Although sea rabbits are distributed along the coast of China, especially in the southeast coast, they are not yet well developed and utilized, and artificial breeding has not yet been well carried out. Therefore, there are basically no sea rabbit products for sale in the market, and there is also a shortage of sea cucumber medicine sources. There is no sea flour supply at the store. In fact, besides being able to reproduce naturally, the hare can also be farmed artificially. Xiamen, Fujian Province, China Fisheries farmers have been breeding for more than 100 years of history, its products have been exported to various places in the South Sea, Shandong Long Island's sea rabbit products have also been sold in the Spanish market.

 Dark Tea is one of the six tea categories in China with the most complex, unique and longest production processing cycle. It history draw backs to early of the 16th century, and was stipulated as the Official Tea transported to northwest which was needed by the national minority people and became there necessity. Till today, there is still a famous saying, [One would rather go without cereal for three days than be denied tea for one single day."


  It is brick like in appearance, dark and shining, red and strong tea soup, mellow to the taste with lasting scent.

  Brownish-yellow or brownish red in infusion, Infused leaves are coarse and large and aroma is stale, piney, and  smoke-like, of microbial fermentation, with a mellow taste. It is processed into a variety of shapes, such as brick, pillow, cake, bowl, etc.

Dark Tea

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