Meat donkey feeding question and answer

(a) How to master the best end of meat donkey fattening? Judging the best ending period of meat donkey fattening not only saves investment for the donkey, reduces the cost, but also has extremely important significance for ensuring the meat quality. There are generally the following methods: 1. Feed intake judgment. In the normal fattening period, the feed intake of meat donkeys is regular, that is, the absolute feed intake, which decreases with the increase in weight. If the decline amount reaches 1/3 or less of the normal amount, the fattening can be ended. 2. Calculate the daily feed intake according to the live weight (based on dry matter. The feed intake is 1.5% or less of the live weight, which is the best finish of fattening. 3. Judging from the appearance of the meat donkey. The criterion for the judgment is whether there must be a significant amount of fat and fat in fat-deposited parts, and whether the deposited fat in fat-rich parts is thick and well-balanced. From the time of growth and maturation to the maturity of the body, the appearance characteristics of the female animal are as follows: The body weight of the female donkey should normally be about 70% of its adult body weight.The initial mating age of the female donkey is generally 2.5-3 years old. Only when they are 4 years old can they be formally used.(3) How to control the estrus of female donkeys? Donkeys are seasonal estrus animals, estrus starts from March and April, and April-June is the peak season for estrus, 7-- In August, the summer heat weakened, and the estrus period was longer, and it stopped until the autumn season and entered a period of tediousness. Artificial induction methods can also be used, that is, during the mournful period of female asses, exogenous hormones (such as gonadotropins) and other substances can be used. Or stimulating by environmental conditions, induce female estrus estrus. Under normal circumstances The female donkey may be given gonadotropin or chorionic gonadotrophin prostaglandin to control the estrus of the female donkey with good results.(4) When is the appropriate time for breeding? The ovulation time of the female donkey is generally Three to five days after the onset of oestrus, which is one day before oestrus, the mating time should be within one to five days of the duration of oestrus, with a high fertility rate.

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